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I may have misinterpreted this but are you suggesting the earth is a sphere or have I misread this?

I am saying that if magnetism creates the same effect as gravity, then magnetism would eventually cause the earth to collapse into a sphere...because that is the effect of gravity.  Any large enough mass will eventually collapse into a sphere due to their own gravity.

That's interesting. Is there any way this has been or can be demonstrated as it would be interesting to watch something like this happen?
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Jayson Tatum dro I s 49 on the heat, is league mvp, Celtics are the best team in the NBA and bruins at the best team in hockey

I don't mean actual models though, because I know that whole area is a bit of a clusterfork. Think of what the Mercator projection is to a Round Earth. I'm looking for something like that for a flat earth.

And yes, I know the maps page of the wiki exists but it only shows proposed models, not projections.
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R.I.P. Christine McVie  :'(
On the downside while they have resorted to s-300s they are nowhere near to running out of them.

Apparently Russia's military is configured to try to counter NATO air power.
The only thing that exists as of this moment is the present.
We are always in the present, even if we time travel it would seem like we're in the future but we're actually in the present still.
It just seems like the future as things have changed but we're just in today's present.
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Bit sucks. Gold is the metal of the kings.

Just call me King-Man

Look everyone, yet another person who has been suckered into buying shiny metal by infomercials.
No it doesn’t.  Just because an event isn’t accessible to an observer doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Actually that's exactly what it means. An event that you cannot observe does not exist. It's not real, it didn't happen. It's why relativity is fraught with meaningless thought experiments: because the real experiment requires the observer be in multiple reference frames simultaneously. The best you can ever do is have two different observers record their findings and assume that neither of them is lying. In other words, they existed in two different realities, then you must combine them into one reality and have them talk about two different realities that don't provably exist anymore.

That the past 'exists' is simply false. There's no mathematical way to verify it exists. You can't calculate the past based on the present and the present is all you ever have access to view. To think otherwise is to claim you can observe a water molecule and calculate its origin when that obviously isn't correct.

It became obvious that Russia was low on weapons when they started using S-300s as ground strike weapons.
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