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Flat Earth Debate / Re: What is the flat earth position?
« Last post by Tom Bishop on Today at 07:52:20 PM »
Does it give the right information for your location?

Maybe it does. I have not really checked.

Perfectly timed example Tom! You criticize the scientific method for trying to prove it's own hypothesis and hold your Zetetic method in high regard (which claims to evaluate EVERY POSSIBILITY to thus ensure that the TRUTH is found) and yet here you are offered something that may challenge your hypothesis and you avoid it! Same detail in another thread when they were asking you to do something with a piece of string to check the angles of the moon and you responded something akin to" why would I conduct your experiments?". Not the actions of a real truth seeker I think, more like someone who is exactly trying to prove only their own hypothesis and shying from any test that may challenge it!
He makes a fair point about it potentially being possible to predict sunrise/set times with pattern-based software. Looking at things here: they don't appear to vary too much for the same day year to year. I have a suspicion a pattern could be there, but have neither the time nor the tools to attempt to find out. I'm not sure the timing of sunrise/set are all that amazing of a proof for RE anyway without conclusive proof they're found using the movement of the planets. I personally feel it's been provided elsewhere, but that's neither here nor there. The fact it happens at all is far greater evidence against FE in my opinion. I do hope Tom can find the time to get back to the most recent perspective thread though. I'm so very curious about his reply.

Except I went through the documentation provided by the developer of SOFA and showed that there was zero evidence of this pattern-based stuff Tom made up. In fact, all of the relevant functions I looked at were using trig to calculate positions and times down to the microsecond. But hey, who needs facts on this board when we have Zetetecists and their thorough method?  ::)
Oh I agree. As I said "...conclusive proof they're found using the movement of the planets. I personally feel it's been provided elsewhere..." It's just the information has relatively small variance, and I suspect it's POSSIBLE there could in fact be a pattern of some form to it. I just don't have the ability to go dredging through years worth of data points to try and see if there is one. That doesn't mean the suggestion that (which as Tom mentioned DID refuse to give us what they use) could potentially be using it has no merit. Just that we have other sources that clearly show an equation based upon planetary motion and it's answers match all other sources we have that just give that info.

Sorry, this wasn't directed at you so much as I was using it as a jumping off point to remind Tom that I already showed him that it wasn't pattern based.

As I recall you were going to look further into the SOFA math and then disappeared from the thread.
Flat Earth Debate / NASA conspiracy
« Last post by TomInAustin on Today at 07:04:44 PM »
It makes me a little sad to think how many people say NASA is a fraud. 

This is one of the most profound photos ever taken.  Michael Collins took this from the Apollo XI command module.  The LEM with Armstrong and Aldrin and the earth.   It includes every human alive except one.  Collins himself.  How can you not be moved by this?

This was one of the most amazing things mankind has ever done. 

Is Archaeology a fake science as well? How does an archaeologist conduct a controlled experiment on past cultures? They only observe and interpret.

By Tom's lights, only chemistry and physics (but not astrophysics) are sciences.

And much of physics would fail Tom's test as well.  Einstein was not able to test a lot of the things he came up with yet most proved to be right on the money. 
Does anyone here understand how spheres can look like discs when seen head on? Is this site for real or is it a clever gimmick to sell advert click throughs? I have never seen so much snatch trying to minge up a simple piece of well renowned and easy to understand logic.

This is the last place on earth I would expect to find any snatch.  Except maybe at a Sys Admin party.
Crazy idea, but what if the Earth was round.  :-\
If the moon is where FET says it is - then they should be seeing opposite sides of the thing - and therefore the pictures they take should show radically different patterns of craters and marea...and they should also show different moon phases.
As always, 3DGeek chooses to lie about FET. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this never works.

Here, let me try.

If the Earth was really round, the moon should be green when viewed from Australia but pink from Dallas, Japan. This doesn't happen. The end!

Do you yet understand why these sort of arguments do not help your case?

So, Pete. What's wrong with Geek's logic? You make yours understandably deficient, but let's hear the rationale for your stance on his.

Pete's problem is the same as Tom's, he is afraid to acknowledge anything that could prove him wrong.  He makes an arrogant statement and he's gone.
Flat Earth Q&A / Re: How does a gyroscope work if the earth is flat?
« Last post by 3DGeek on Today at 03:34:30 PM »
How does a gyroscope work if the earth is flat? Does the earth spin around the sun? If so what does it look like? And also I've heard that the Flat Earth has an ice wall the goes on forever and ever and has infinite diameter, if that is true then how would that work? How would it affect the solar system and space. I just think that this theory is unrealistic and isn't very well thought out, like I've seen people give me a bunch of different answers. Please answer every question if you can.
It is recommended that you read the Wiki - it explains most of this stuff.

I don't see why a gyroscope would work any different whether the world was flat or round.   Gyroscopes are used extensively in spacecraft - they don't depend on the motions of the Earth or even it's gravity.

People who believe in the Flat Earth (or claim to) have wildly diverse ideas about how things work.  There are usually two or three answers to every question depending on who you talk to.

(But I agree that the FE theory is unrealistic and poorly thought out.)
Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Which hemisphere/hemiplane do you live in?
« Last post by 3DGeek on Today at 03:29:59 PM »

I hail from the misty Isles of Avalon, the blood of Arthur flows in my veins.   

Eeeuwww!  I hope you have compatible blood groups.  I was thinking of having the blood of Richard Feynman flow through my veins - but the thought of needing anti-rejection drugs for the rest of my life put me off the idea.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Soliloquies
« Last post by devils advocate on Today at 03:05:12 PM »
England’s future warriors/canon-fodder.

Wow, a boiling kettle that must surely blow and spread the scalding steam of contempt upon those that offended!

I wonder if you could clarify the meaning the above canon fodder/warriors you describe? 

Are we to read that you refer to our soldiers and suchlike or that all current youths fall under that umbrella;

To fight, to kill and die for the nation in whatever chosen path life does select.
To live for England and for all things correct.
To strive in the factories until they can make no more, to toil in the fields until they can reap no further? Maybe to agonise over the arts to the point where the art consumes their soul?
 In the offices, the markets, the boardrooms and stalls. The studios the building sites, the hospitals and schools?
Is this the future for all?

I enjoy debating and learning people's points of view

Is this the reason you decided to join TFES?

Hi Dither

Cheers for your response

Yeah I find the subject fascinating and I love to hear other people's responses to my opinions and then allow myself reflection on my own thoughts. Being involved here has given me a lot to consider. When asked to prove the world is round I admit now there is a challenge which is great! It's not as big as the challenge to prove the world is Flat however so as yet I am still in the RE camp.......


DA  ;D