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I enjoy debating and learning people's points of view

Is this the reason you decided to join TFES?

I'm here because I can't alligne myself with the racist anti semetic views that are held by nearly all the other flat earth sites, that really was my only mantra "How do I avoid these dudes and their racist philosophy'"
To be fair I did eventually find one other safe site but thats basically it.

So yeah,,,
If you are an ordinary person who believes that the earth is flat, then this forum is a safe harbour in a sea of sharks because it really is a jungle out there, (or an ocean, or whatever, mixing up metaphors now)

Nearly forgot:

And I really like the wiki here and think it is a great introduction to FET.
I have shown it to people who are interested in getting a quick rundown,
Thanks to the Information Age, we have an attention span of around three minutes,
So you need to keep things brief and to the point, and it does that perfectly.

What was I saying again  :P
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Soliloquies
« Last post by Jura-Glenlivet on Today at 09:39:30 AM »
When I finally go postal, (I am building a repeating ballista to be mounted on a google AI driven flatbed), at least one of my intended victims will be someone who made a career out of cramming his hand up some cute puppets arse and mewling cloying mawkish inanities designed to pull at the heartstrings of sickly children, thereby spreading corruptive sentimentality, calculated to undermine the spirit of England’s future warriors/canon-fodder.
You sir, by bringing to my notice this particular example of the wretched breed, may well have hastened his demise.     
Hi All

I was wondering what the stats were here relating to the influence and change of opinion. I enjoy debating and learning people's points of view and I have gained a lot of knowledge from this and would love to know if anyone has changed their thinking on the Flat/Round debate from the resources available here.

I would really appreciate your time in answering.  :)
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Soliloquies
« Last post by devils advocate on Today at 08:52:12 AM »
I can NOT believe you red-scored Ed the Duck!  :o
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Soliloquies
« Last post by Jura-Glenlivet on Today at 08:36:01 AM »
I don’t like lists, they are inelegant, but I’ve fixed it for inaccuracies and spelling.

The Beatles (meh), The Rolling Stones(meh), Led Zeppelin(meh), The Who (shite), Pink Floyd, Monty Python, Shakespeare, Dickens, Pratchett (see the who), Byron, The English language, The internet, Cheddar/Stilton/Red Leicester Cheese, Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding (the only meat allowed in here is fish, them’s the rules), Fish and Chips, Formula 1, Football, Rugby (The real meathead sport your less macho American Football was stolen from), Tennis(meh), Cricket, rounders (What our school girls used to play-you call it Baseball) Snooker (poking balls with a stick until they fall in a hole is nothing to crow about), The Jet engine, The Telephone, theory of evolution, Stephen Hawkins, Richard Dawkins, Penicillin, Steam locomotion, Newton, and Ed the Duck.
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Help a newbie out!
« Last post by Jura-Glenlivet on Today at 07:36:12 AM »

Welcome, you may find in the early stages of integration a feeling of nausea and disorientation, breathe deeply and remain calm.
Do not try to make friends or curry favour, three out of four murders are committed by people known to the victim.
Be yourself, is the worst advice.
Remember that whether the boundaries of the earth are spherical or flat, human stupidity is limitless.
Maintain your sense of humour.
If god exists, it’s probably me, and I don’t like people.
Flat Earth Q&A / Sun in spotlight type of thingy.
« Last post by PinHeadLarry on Today at 05:48:13 AM »
If the sun is in a spotlight type of thingy, then why sun look like it's setting when it's a sunset, how would that work?
Flat Earth Q&A / How does a gyroscope work if the earth is flat?
« Last post by PinHeadLarry on Today at 05:41:27 AM »
How does a gyroscope work if the earth is flat? Does the earth spin around the sun? If so what does it look like? And also I've heard that the Flat Earth has an ice wall the goes on forever and ever and has infinite diameter, if that is true then how would that work? How would it affect the solar system and space. I just think that this theory is unrealistic and isn't very well thought out, like I've seen people give me a bunch of different answers. Please answer every question if you can.
Flat Earth Q&A / Re: High tide(s)
« Last post by Revel on Today at 02:54:03 AM »
What haven't I understood? You just taught me that gravitational force is not equally distributed across the Earth, since it is not a point, but a 3-dimensional object. Therefore, tidal force takes into account the strongest portion of the Earth that receives gravitational force: the nearest part of the Earth. That's why the two entities could be considered, to a good degree, proportional. But you're right, I digress.
Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Which hemisphere/hemiplane do you live in?
« Last post by Revel on Today at 02:48:30 AM »
I know what you said, I was only marveling the prospect of considering them hemispheres. But you're right, I haven't read the wiki so that I may keep myself from fallacious confusion.