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Science & Alternative Science / The Science of Forgiveness
« on: February 14, 2024, 01:42:00 AM »
I have recently begun studying a form of alternative science which has received more dismissal and derision in our culture than both Homeopathy and Astrology combined. It is barely given validity outside of certain religious venues despite being a long-known concept in general. This is the science of forgiveness.

There is a disease of hate and judgment which plagues mankind. The only remedy to cure this is through a fundamental philosophical breakthrough within your own self. Your judgmental self is the barrier to many of your psychological ills, which even manifests into the physiological.

The forgiveness philosophy is a way to help yourself through what is essentially a form spiritual enlightenment. Even if you don't believe in anything spiritual, it will help break through the basis of your issues. There are a series of books such as The Power of NOW, the Disappearance of the Universe, and A Return to Love, which are all supplements to the philosophy of a seminal work written in the 1970's called A Course in Miracles. The Disappearance of the Universe book is a good primer with unique background and essential world-building information which makes A Course in Miracles more understandable and I would recommend reading it.

The essential tenet of this philosophy is that you can heal your judgmental self within you - your ego - through the power of forgiveness. You need to start on a journey of forgiveness and forgive the people who have wronged you, forgive the people who annoy you, and who you perceive to do wrong. Their nature is not truly their fault, after all. Go further to even forgive your loved ones who have died on you, and go further on a forgiveness adventure to forgive the world and all its ills. As you let go of all of that judgment, and can truly forgive, it will take you on a path of internal healing and change you at a very fundamental level.

A misconception on the concept of forgiveness is that forgiveness is not necessarily a pardon. You are not pardoning or compromising your morality. Forgiveness is also not for the benefit of the person or thing you are forgiving. The act of forgiveness is mainly for your own personal benefit, so you can move on with your life. The Course in Miracles is a lengthy course on training yourself to forgive at a deep and fundamental level, and forgiving even the things you wouldn't think of forgiving.

There are apparently a number of psychologists who have reviewed this, and say that exposing their clients to this philosophy has done far more than traditional counseling. They claim that there is a demonstrated experimental psychological benefit to forgiveness, which is why I say it is akin to a science.

The material on this does go further and suggest that there is more benefit to forgiveness than just a psychological effect, and that it translates into karma and other meta-physical effects which tends to benefit your life in general.

Another interesting tenet about A Course in Miracles is that the author was an old lady atheist who claims that Jesus Christ spoke to her and guided her to write it. It is essentially a sequel to the New Testament, written for a modern audience with the goal of helping us reach spiritual enlightenment. In The Disappearance of the Universe many surprising claims are made, such as that Jesus wasn't necessarily promoting forgiveness in the NT because he wanted you to be a moral goodie-two shoes, or that morality is even the key, but that forgiveness is really the secret to our internal and external struggles. Jesus reveals that the world's evils are by design (somehow by our own design, satan is our ego manifested as reality), and it is all a test for us to forgive it and ourselves.

In The Disappearance of the Universe book it is revealed that reincarnation exists (erased from the Bible by a Roman dictator), and that over the millennia we reincarnate thousands of times in different scenarios in near proximity to the spirits from our previous lives, gaining spiritual character-quality stats as you try to right the wrongs of your experiences in the next go around. In Disappearance it is suggested that once you learn to forgive, and are able to forgive it all, you have satisfied your own imposed victimhood requirements. There are no more wrongs to correct and you can finally stop reincarnating, to which you reach spiritual enlightenment and can ultimately leave this world.

While it is not necessary to believe any of the supernatural elements of this to derive benefit, and I'm not sure that I do and mainly find it interesting, have you ever even heard that there was a forgiveness book sequel to the New Testament which claims to be written by Jesus and which has gained a following? Of course not. You were not wanted to. This is all the more reason to look into the knowledge which you are being denied.

This is a pleasant surprise. Snopes has debunked the meme that the Flat Earth Society "has members all around the globe".

It uses some pretty good evidence to discredit it, and provides some research of their own as well.

The article is also cross-posted and is ranking as an authoritative source on Yahoo News. Maybe this will help to finally put that meme to bed. At the bottom of the article Snopes also says that they reached out to TFES for comment, although I'm not sure if they reached out to this site or the other one.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Do liberal elites worship Satan?
« on: April 29, 2023, 03:09:18 PM »
There is an absurd rumor going around that the liberal elites worship Satan. This claim caught my interest and I will explore that notion. This thread doesn't attempt to argue whether anything supernatural exists, but suggests that there is evidence that there may be some level of truth to that notion that the purported satanic references placed in liberal elite content are purposeful. Whether it is a joke or not, and whether it is truly 'worship' or 'admiration', there is some evidence that appears to rise above the level of coincidence that that they are purposely using satanic references and imagery.

This will first focus on the Joe Biden campaign and may move off to others. It is possible that some republicans like putting in religious or satanic references into their content, but I have mostly seen claims against democrats. The democrat examples are the most flagrant and hard to deny as coincidence.

Item 1 - IP address

At one point Joe Biden's website had the IP address of I tested this out myself at the time was going around in the 2020 election and confirmed it. The IP has since changed and the URL now redirects to

666 and 45 + 1 as in the 46th president

This thread has multiple people who claim to have verified it for themselves:

Item 2 - "6 minutes, 6 days, or 6 weeks"

From Reuters Video - Joe Biden: "It doesn't matter whether it is in 6 minutes, 6 days, or 6 weeks, we're going to get it done"

Pretty weird thing to say.

Item 3 - Joe Biden Campaign Tag Line

Joe Biden's 2020 campaign tagline was that they were in a "Battle for the Soul of the Nation"

Per the text number 30330 printed on the bus, some internet commenters have pointed out that 2020 ÷ 666 = 30330 - Freaky! Internet Users Point Out 2020 ÷ 666 = 30330 (Biden/Harris Campaign Text Code)

Item 4 - Odd casting picks

The People's Voice - Biden's Monkeypox Czar is a self-confessed satanist.

The National Pulse - ‘We’ll Steal Your Soul’ – Biden’s Monkeypox Spox Has a Penchant for Pentagrams, Occultism, and Satanism.

Item 5 - 2020 Democratic National Convention "Death 2 America" Logo

The 2020 Democratic National Convention logo seems to have an unfortunate connotation with "Death to America". The “D” has a weird star in it that looks like an arrowhead, the number 2, and then a zero with a map of America.


Item 6 - Numerous innuendos

Alone, some of these comments could be passed off as meaningless, but there appears a theme here.

That awkward moment when Biden openly compares himself to Satan - - Joe Biden Compares Himself to the Devil

Joe Biden says that in his plan "the devil is in the details" - - March 15 2021--- “It’s one thing to pass a historic piece of legislation like the American Rescue Plan, and it’s quite another to implement it,” Biden said in remarks from the White House. “The devil is in the details. It requires fastidious oversight to make sure the relief arrives quickly, equitably and efficiently with no waste or fraud.”

Joe Biden says he is going to "work like the Devil" - - Biden: "I am going to work like the devil to make sure I turn every Latino and Hispanic vote" - Biden: "I'm going to work like the devil to bring gas prices down" - Biden 'working like the devil' on tornado response - Biden: ‘I’m going to work like the devil’ to cut energy prices

NY Daily News - Biden says working 'like the devil' to avert Russian invasion ... - The Biden ultimatum: Joe vows to veto any abortion ban, will 'try like the devil' to outlaw assault rifles and won't back down on climate change - In Culpeper, Biden vows to “work like the devil” against inflation, high drug prices

Joe Biden says he doesn't care if people think he is Satan reincarnated - - Biden tells crowd: "I don't care if you think I'm Satan reincarnated."

Biden says Kamala is like a devil too -

Business Standard - US elections 2020: Kamala Harris is smart as a devil, says Joe Biden

Arts & Entertainment / Flat Earth AI Poems by ChatGPT
« on: January 24, 2023, 12:00:33 AM »
> write me an empathetic poem about the flat earth society

    The earth beneath our feet,
    A vast and endless sphere,
    But some believe it's flat,
    And hold this truth dear.

    They see the world in a different light,
    A flat and unchanging land,
    They cling to this belief,
    With a conviction so grand.

    But why do they hold on,
    To this theory so absurd?
    Perhaps they feel left out,
    Of the mainstream herd.

    They search for answers,
    In a world that's hard to bear,
    And in their quest for truth,
    They've built a community of care.

    So let us not dismiss them,
    For their views that are so strange,
    For in their quest for answers,
    They've found a way to change.

    Let us try to understand,
    And walk a mile in their shoes,
    For in this world of doubt,
    Empathy is what we choose.

Suggestions & Concerns / Wiki Vandalism
« on: October 15, 2022, 05:06:06 PM »
There is an account which blanked out many of the pages on, including the front page. Can we please restore and ban this account. It may be that they got in without authentication since the account name is an IP.

Flat Earth Investigations / The Blatant Lies of National Geographic
« on: September 08, 2022, 11:48:30 AM »
If you perform a search for "flat earth" on youtube one of the top videos that comes up is a piece from National Geographic, which claims to have tested the curvature of the earth and found it to be round. Specifically, they brought in the Independent Investigations Group who were promoted as a group of science professionals to "test" the matter. They determined that the earth was curved and this was heavily promoted and featured by National Geographic in the video.

This is the National Geographic video:

Specifically, they lied about how many lines were seen when the boat and the board went into the distance:

At 7:54 the CFI Investigations Group says:

"We've lost about one and a half stripes; so this can only
happen because of the curvature of the earth"

In the video preview on the YouTube search page there is also a teaser for the video featuing the Independent Investigation Group stating that this can only happen because of the curvature of the earth.

However, it is clearly not the case that one and a half stipes were missing. If you look at the striped board from other views before it went into the distance the red line was always at the bottom.

Close up; boat leaves and begins going into the distance:

In the distance:

There are no other shots of the boat in the distance. From this they concluded that one and a half stripes went missing. There is a little compression there, and it is possible that a very small portion of the bottom red line nearest the water might be missing for whatever reason, but it is clearly not the case that one and a half stripes went missing.

It is also apparent that the horizon is still behind the boat and the and the striped board, still intersecting it. If the boat and board were sinking into the horizon, then the bottom edge of the board is the waterline horizon and that is where the water would end. There should not be additional water seen behind the boat and the board cutting through behind it. If the bottom of the board and boat was the horizon then the surface of the water should curve away at that point.

If the boat is curving behind the horizon, you should not see a water horizon further in the distance. There is a diagram animated scene in the National Geographic video showing the boat receding from the observer, showing the surface of the Earth curving away into the red beneath the line of sight:


It is possible that all of this is a simple mistake. But considering all of the National Geographic production effort put into this, the hiring and promotion of an independent "science" group, and the fact that this was played on television as an educational video; the inability to count the lines on the target, or look at their own diagrams and see that the water horizon is still behind the boat, can be interpreted as a lie via negligence. If it is a matter of severe negligence then it is still a lie because they claimed to the public that they at least performed basic due diligence on the matter and did not. The video eggregously promotes this as the science truth.

Especially if this is pointed out to them and they still do not remove the video; if YouTube and National Geographic keeps the video up and promoted then it is a heinous lie to the public. I would go as far as to advocate that tfes makes this one of its next front page posts, demanding an apology and retraction of the video content from National Geographic. If they do not remove it then it is clear evidence of a lie to the public by a high profile science and education organization.

Suggestions & Concerns / TFES Flat Earth Video Subdomain
« on: July 29, 2022, 02:48:47 AM »
In the past we have discussed the possibility of creating a custom video subdomain gallery with Flat Earth YouTube feeds. One option may be a Word Press plugin called Smash Balloon which can build dynamic grid galleries of YouTube videos. The plugin is smart enough to not load the heavier video elements in the gallery until the user starts interacting with it, for performance reasons.

See the YouTube demos on the Smash Balloon site:

It seems that you can make nice looking galleries based on a single channel or from a YouTube playlist composed of multiple channels. Notably for this project it also appears possible to build a gallery based on custom YouTube searches:

There are some fairly advanced features such as customizing the information the video shows in the gallery, and adding a button at the end of the video back to the site.

I could see such a gallery, or galleries, as a feature item that might even eventually replace the main content of the front page. It would be a video site which unifies and harnesses the content of the wider Flat Earth community. People would go to tfes to see the latest Flat Earth related content. It would capture attention, increase visitor return, and cause the interest to grow.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Britain's Pedo Prince
« on: January 14, 2022, 03:59:37 AM »
We don't have a Prince Andrew thread, so here it is. The latest news appears to be that Prince Andrew has disgraced his family, his country, and and has been stripped of his military titles and patronages over the debacle.

New York Times - Prince Andrew Is Stripped of Military Titles as Sexual Abuse Case Proceeds

    LONDON — Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, has been forced to relinquish his military titles and royal charities, Buckingham Palace said on Thursday, a stinging rebuke by the British royal family a day after a federal judge in New York allowed a sexual abuse case against him to go ahead.

    The palace said that Andrew, 61, who has been accused by Virginia Giuffre of raping her while she was a teenager, would also no longer use the title “His Royal Highness,” a prized symbol of his status as a senior member of the royal family. In a terse statement, the palace said that Andrew would “continue not to undertake any public duties” and that he “is defending this case as a private citizen.”

    Andrew, who is also known as the Duke of York, has denied Ms. Giuffre’s allegations, which date from a period in which he was friendly with the financier and convicted sex predator Jeffrey Epstein. The duke’s lawyers tried to get her lawsuit dismissed, but the judge, Lewis A. Kaplan, ruled against him on Wednesday.

    The decision by Buckingham Palace completes a stunning fall from grace for a man who was once one of the royal family’s most popular members — a dashing war hero and eligible bachelor — but who has since become a disgraced figure, left to explain why he associated with a convicted criminal like Mr. Epstein.

    The announcement by Buckingham Palace came after extensive discussions within the royal family, according to people with ties to the palace. It was designed to head off an effort by Andrew to rehabilitate himself, according to one person. The language in Buckingham Palace’s statement, officials said, was meant to underscore the permanence of the sanction against him.

    Andrew had been largely banished from public life since November 2019, when he gave a disastrous interview to the BBC in which he insisted he had never met Ms. Giuffre and made several bizarre claims to deflect her charges, among them that he was medically incapable of sweating, as she had asserted.

Earth Not a Globe Workshop / Table of Contents and Outline
« on: November 20, 2021, 07:51:54 PM »
Some may have noticed that I have started thinking about this again. It took a while to circle around back to this. It took Rowbotham thirty years to come out with his final version, which I think is appropriate since a lot of this content is new and not built on a compilation or reiterations of earlier works, and would necessarily require thorough exploration, investigation, debate, and thought.

My goal at present will be to provide the commentary and philosophical and social arguments. We already have direct evidence and information about the Flat Earth and the models in the Wiki and that will be merged or rephrased into the work. I think this book should be split into three or four volumes. The first volume will focus on philosophical and social arguments. The second volume will focus on the evidence, which the reader can jump directly to if inclined. The third volume will focus on the Flat Earth models the community discusses.

The Wiki already contains much of the physical stuff, which will basically be merged or rephrased into the volumes two and three. I currently don't envision a section on history and would need someone like Dionysios to create a volume on the details of ancient Flat Earth history, so my current plan isn't to include much of that unless someone can contribute in that regard.

To complete the work a section on religion at the end seems oddly important, even though we don't really talk about that much. It's pretty important to the wider Flat Earth community though, and was important to previous FE societies. It can disclaim that not everyone connects FE to religion, but this is information on the subject. It can include an index on the flat earth quotes from scripture. Maybe it can include both the geocentric interpretation and the UA interpretation. It would be interesting to gather a few paragraphs of content from some of the bigger proponents on what Flat Earth means to them on religious grounds and include it into the book at the end.

Revised thoughts on a general outline:

Introduction (I would like to use this text)

Table of Contents
 -- + Instructions (Reader should jump around to their topic of interest)

Volume I - The Philosophy
 -- Prologue
 -- Reasons to Consider a Space Travel Conspiracy

Volume II - The Evidence (mostly taken or rephrased from the Wiki)

Volume III - The Models (mostly taken or rephrased from the Wiki)

Volume IV - Religion ?

Flat Earth Projects / Improve Flat Earth Society TFES Wiki Article
« on: October 06, 2021, 01:18:01 AM »
I'd like to look into improving this page:

This page should double as a history primer for the society.

Some notes:

- Need dates on when Rowbotham started the Zetetic Society and when the UZS was started

- Need more background content on Samuel Shenton and Charles K Johnson

- Need brief summary of major works

- We should distinguish that Rowbotham originated the Monopole model, the Universal Zetetic Society originated the Bi-Polar model, and that our society originated Universal Acceleration and Electromagnetic Acceleration.

Flat Earth Community / article on the Universal Accelerator
« on: September 09, 2021, 05:54:01 PM »
Dave Hahn, PhD., recently wrote an article called The Bewilder Gambit: a conspiracy theorist tactic designed to distract

The Lorentz equations of Special Relativity are nonsense designed to distract, apparently.

"The formula is not just something that I do not know, but I also don’t know where I begin to look it up."

I didn't have that problem.

From the Wiki:

From the first result of the google search 'lorentz factor and the speed of light':

Same equation. Embarrassing.

And if you are trying to educate people on the incorrectness of your opponents why even make the "you can't travel faster than the speed of light so UA can't work" claim without doing the bare amount of research into the possibility that you might be wrong?

Quora knows:

Stephen Hawking knows:

Even Reddit knows:

Flat Earth Projects / Eratosthenes Article
« on: August 31, 2021, 10:09:16 PM »
I made significant changes to the Eratosthenes article regarding his Round Earth circumference description, assumptions, and the modern value. Here it is for comment -

This came out a few days ago, and appears  to be of interest:

I am working through it. It's over 400 pages in length. One of the key points of interest is whether it was a serious or satirical organization. The author claims that it was a mix of the two.

I noticed that in recent years the Flat Earth Maps page has become a source for people to get ideas about possible FE models. People usually link back to this page as a demonstration of possibilities.

We see variants of the Monopole model and the Bi-Polar model. However, this does not complete the range of possibilities. For added completeness, we should consider adding the three pole models. Possibly these two: - The original Flat Earth of the model of the 1800's which had three poles - A recent variant of the three pole model created by a poster on the forums, showing one possibility

While certainly not as popular as the one and two pole variants, if people are going to that page to see the possibilities and get ideas, there should be more content there based on possibilities rather than popularity.

As well, we should add in the version of the Bi-Polar model that is just two circles on top of each other into that section, to illustrate that there are different possible configurations there.

Often we get questions along the lines of "why should we believe that it's fake," or "why should NASA be distrusted." The reasons to consider a Space Travel Conspiracy are numerous, and deserves a section of its own. We should contribute to this section with the rational behind the logic.

This thread will be a scrapbook for a range of topics:


   - A logical basis for skepticism

Philosophy of Science

   - Each generation of science is based on questioning supposed truths

Skeptical Scholars

   - Scholars who were skeptical of government and scientific claims

Military Incentive

   - Why space travel is connected to military

Historical Examples (for why distrust should be the default)

   - Governments Lie - Examples of government lies throughout history
   -- US Government Lies - Examples of the US Government's lies throughout history

Direct Evidence

   - The Apollo/Shuttle/DISCOVR anomalies

Other Topics:

    - International Space Programs may not be independent
    - The Three Body Problem raises questions on NASA's claims of Solar System navigation
    - Contradicting Experimental Evidence ( ie. the earth-based geocentric experiments which suggest the earth doesn't move [on the horizontal] contradicts NASA's claim that it does)

I am reposting my observation here for posterity and reference regarding the Moon Tilt Illusion.

On the "Ball Experiment" -

Bay Area California, Feb 21st, 2021, pictures taken around 5:27 PM PST with a Google Pixel 3 XL Phone.

Image 1:

I placed the ball on a post along the side of a road. The sun was shining from a horizontal direction. The ball is half lit.

Full Size:

Image 2:

Viewpoint from behind the ball, looking at Sun:

Full Size:

Image 3:

From a position front of the ball, with our back to sun, we can see that the illuminated portion of the Moon pointing upwards in the background. See Full Size for detail.

Full Size:

Image 4:

Closeup of the Moon in the background, while zooming in the device created a digital leveling tool on the screen to help ensure the device was level. Compare the orientation to the Moon in the Full Size Image 3 above.

Full Size:

Image 5:

Next I moved my position to below the ball and the top of the post, to get the ball to point upwards via a close range perspective effect. I could have done a better job at getting the phase to match, by moving the camera around. But it was easy to move the camera downwards to get the illuminated portion to point upwards:

Full Size:

Another version of the Tilt -

Image 6:

Finally, I turned the device and placed the ball across the screen from the sun on a wide frame. The illuminated portion pointed at the Sun.

Full Size:

Suggestions & Concerns / Increase Upload Size on Wiki
« on: March 07, 2021, 05:42:48 AM »
At one point we had set a 30MB upload limit. After some of the MediaWiki updates the upload limit was reduced to 2MB, which I assume is the default. I have a few images for articles that I would like to upload that surpasses this limit.

If space is not a concern, would it be possible to increase the limit to some higher amount, of at least 5MB?

Also, another potential issue is that the users on the Wiki are unable to delete their pages or media to cleanup things which are not needed and not used. So we have a collection of unused pages and images on the Wiki that are floating around.

October Surprise - Information is coming out showing that Obama, Clinton and Biden executed Seal Team 6 and sent money to Iran to cover it up.

Edit: Re-uploaded here:

Flat Earth Community / Thoughts on updating the FAQ
« on: September 17, 2020, 07:23:54 PM »
At some point we need to consider updating the FAQ. Since it was written the Wiki and the theories and stances involved have expanded substantially.

Brief summary of my wishlist:

EA as fundamental tenet

After many years of discussion, EA won as the FE celestial model. It's time to put it in its place as the accepted model.

Perhaps a brief description along with the context: It's an alternative way of looking at things. We can either interpret observations as light curving or that the entire earth is curving. Astronomy is inherently a pseudoscience <link> without the power of scientific certainty, and so we are relegated to comparing possible explanations for phenomena and assessing the differences between those possible explanations with our human assumptions, ideas, and limitations. If we admit that anything is possible when waking up to an unknown world, then starting with assumptions is inexcusable. Early astronomers deduced a Round Earth based on an untested axiom that light is straight over long distances. ... There is some evidence for the presence of the curving of light: <brief points> <link>

Equal time for Bi-Polar model

The bulk of the Monopole model content should be moved to a page called 'Monopole Model' like the Bi-Polar Model page. FAQ provides summary on both, images on both, with links to both. The remaining content of the FAQ, such as on airplanes and high altitude photography, would mainly contain content agnostic to both.

The celestial bodies are spheres, why isn't the Earth?

This is already in there, but make more prominent. The logic that the earth must be a sphere because the celestial bodies are spheres is only one possible interpretation. It can also be logical that all bodies need a plane of existence to exist upon or over, like all other bodies of human experience. Basketballs have a basketball court. The game Water Polo consists of a court with a flat bottom and balls which float on a medium. It does not follow because those balls are round, that the courts must also be round.  This was one of the Ancient Greek fallacies to assume that the Earth is a sphere because we see spheres in the sky <link/reference>

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