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Flat Earth Investigations / Re: Is this a photo of another Flat Earth?
« on: September 01, 2020, 03:03:35 AM »
You understand that these images are colourised? They wouldn’t actually look like that if you were there.
And the are you are talking about must be light years across.

Okay, I've done some research on Nebulae and from what I'm hearing is that these colors are sometimes Natural.   Other Times Nebulae are sortof colored Blue for oxygen, Green for a Oxygen Hydrogen Mix and Dusty Red or Brown when Dust is present.  But these may kinda be the actual colors to.  However, sometimes Hydrogen is represented as red which makes Nebulae like this look entirely Red, soo.

In terms of distance, this is obviously a hot topic among Round Earthers and Flat Earthers alike.   So how big this is is something debatable IMO. 

Flat Earth Investigations / Re: Is this a photo of another Flat Earth?
« on: August 31, 2020, 08:14:39 PM »
Well, I understand everyone's objections.  Id say just enjoy the photo and have fun trying to figure out what's what.

Flat Earth Investigations / Is this a photo of another Flat Earth?
« on: August 31, 2020, 04:59:33 AM »
Hi All,

Id like to share with you a photo of the "Cats Eye" Nebula NGC 6543 from the Hubble telescope.   It is 3000 light years away.   To me this is evidence that the Flat Earth Theory is real and we can see similar worlds in our own backyard. 

Notice how the core of this Nebula resembles water and land mass surrounded by a gigantic ice wall (illustrated by the lighter shades of blue).   At the center we see what looks like a sun/moon setup.  The sun is emitting ultraviolet radiation which ionizes the nebula and produces enough light for us to see.   Lastly, notice the contrails of dry land encircling the land.   Pretty neet stuff.  Any thoughts?

No problem. Good luck with your studies.

*I am a glacial geologist who specializes in reconstruction of past glacial processes. I will not claim to be an expert in geologic knowledge beyond that. Looking to better understand the principles of FE theory as part of ongoing scientific questioning. I have many questions about FE, but many are partially addressed in the FAQ and or the wiki, so I want to address some of the shortcomings of FET, namely its avoidance of explanations of geologic phenomena. Thanks in advance for any clarifications you can provide on any of the queries below. I appreciate it!

1.     Is there an estimate of the age of the earth in flat earth hypotheses? I have not seen any. This is more a point of curiosity for me, but it would hold implications for evaluating other aspects of the theory against potential bodies empirical evidence.
     Is guess around a few million years old.  The rate of decay or drying up of the earth liquids would be a good place to start.

2.     How are earthquakes and volcanoes explained within a flat earth paradigm? Again, more curiosity than anything, but these are major phenomena that require explanation in any worldview.
         I'm not a typical FE'er, I have my own views on the FE
So please don't replace my views with those of others...  IMO, the volcanoes and earthquakes are caused by many of the features we see on a RE.

3.     Though I am admittedly skeptical of the FE model’s ability to account for changes in day/night and seasons, larger scale climate variations are not discussed within a FE framework. A very basic but fundamental question to ask would be what is the cause(s) of past ice ages and interglacials in the recent geologic past (either the last interglacial to glacial maximum from 115 000 – 25 000 years ago, or the last deglaciation from 20 000 – 12 000 years ago, or even the Medieval Warm Period and/or Little Ice Age conditions that exhibited major climate changes over large parts of the earth?
       I think the earth spins and wobbles every year, and maybe every 500 or 5000 years to account for all the big Temp differences we observe
4.     Antarctica. (this will be a longer one, fair warning.) Glaciers and ice sheets are intensely complicated features, but they can be effectively simplified as large masses of frozen water that move/flow due to the influence of gravity. I will grant that they could move under the influence of any force that exhibits a downward acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 (i.e. UA explanation offered in the FE wiki), given our inability to differentiate those two possibilities within a closed reference frame. The problem lies in glacier mechanics and mass balance, but we don’t need to go into detail; simply put, glaciers flow ‘downhill’ melting or calving into the sea at their downstream end. For a glacier/ice sheet to survive over millennia, mass must be added in the upflow regions in the form of precipitation.

a.     If Antarctica is just a wall of ice (and mountains?) that rims the earth, as depicted in the more common FE maps and theories, where are they flowing from? That is, where is ice being added to the wall of ice to counteract the melting and calving observed along the margins of Antarctica?
      I don't know if any ice has been added to the ice wall beyond its initial creation, except for its inner edges

b.     If mass is being added upflow, that would mean it is being added closer to the edge of the disk. The downward acceleration that drives glacier motion (either gravity or UA, as discussed above), would also cause the ice sheet to flow not only towards the inner part of the disk, where it meets the oceans, but also towards to outer parts of the disk (the mechanism here is the same for all large ice sheets and ice caps, Greenland ice sheet would be the best analogue). If this is true, then ice would eventually flow either off the edge of the earth (which is likely no happening, because this would cause rapid acceleration of the ice flow velocity, initiating broad ice streams that would effectively ‘steal’ ice from the catchment areas flowing towards the oceans within the disk (google ice stream piracy, or check out a paper by Matthew Bennett, 2003: ice streams as the arteries of an ice sheet).
    okay, I think the earth is concave in shape.   Obviously around the mountains regions up north, but then maybe it rises again beyond the known limits if the attic.  this would prevent all the ice going off the edge.  But interestingly, I do believe the earth is a small galaxy that create it's own planets so debri does flow away from the edge (but maybe not from so far inside)

c.     Many people have been to Antarctica, including several personal friends of mine (these are limited to cruises and research missions that visited the margins of the continent). I have seen videos and hundreds of photos of the different stages of the trip. I have personally been offered a position to visit the continent as part of a graduate field course, but I was unable to make it work because of financial and time constraints. Many other people have flown to (and in some cases, skied to) the south pole. There is a permanent research station at the south pole, and many past travelers have documents their experience in detail. There is a 24-hour live stream offered by the US Antarctic program – you can check sunrise and set times and compare them to predictions made by round earth (though, technically, there’s just 6 months of daylight followed by 6 months of darkness, but the angle of the sun in the sky/glow beneath the spring and fall will be informative in developing/evaluating theories). You can even apply to be a volunteer and work on different research bases in Antarctica! 😊

d.     How do the transantarctic Mountains and the nearly 100 documented volcanoes fit within the icewall paradigm of flat earth (this assumes the monopole version that appears to be more commonly promoted as opposed to the dipole version which was advocated following increased Antarctic exploration in the early 1900’s, according to the FE wiki). In the round earth paradigm, these mountains form a significant topographic divide which helps promote the divergence of flow at the interior of the ice sheet outward in both directions to the east Antarctic and west Antarctic ice sheets.
     You might have to guess what the ice wall looks like bc I'm not sure who's seen it or recorded it beyond 90' longitude

e.     How does liquid water get to the base of the Antarctic ice sheet? And why does it flow towards the oceans? If the ice was simply a wall that holds the oceans in place, as promoted by FE, any documented water should be flowing from the oceans, beneath the ice, towards the interior of the ice sheet/outwards towards the edge of the disk, however far that may be. This flow should be controlled by differences in hydraulic head (think pressure) from sea level to the base of the Antarctic ice sheet, which is in many areas 800 - 1500 m below sea level, even along its margins. If the ice was holding the oceans on the surface of the disk, there would be a head differential promoting water flow outward toward the disk margins, rather than from the ice into the oceans.

I do not believe the Earth is flat as I have seen it curve during flight. I also have evidence of round earth due to HF having increased range as compared to UHV or VHF. I don't mean to be offensive, but am wondering why you guys believe what you do.  :)

I'm also an amateur in radio technology so if you could try to answer my questions that'd be good.   I've also flown in air liners and haven't gotten the idea tree works looks round,  but I'll double check next time.   I also hear it could be the curvature of the windows.

Second, Why do people assume Long Wave radios can only travel about 40 miles bc of the curvature of earth?   is the assumption the frequency travels straight  and off the earth?  I think maybe it's just distortion.   

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Amateur radio shows the earth is round
« on: July 20, 2020, 05:41:18 AM »
I'm still waiting for an answer.

I'm new to radio waves, but I might have a point.  can not short wave broadcasts reflect off the upper atmosphere in both RE and FE models?  I don't know why Short Waves can't travel far in line of sight.  Maybe signal dispersion?  Maybe the curvature of earth is not the only explanation?  Why do Long Waves bend with the curvature of earth? Im not a scientist.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Black Lives Matter
« on: July 19, 2020, 04:03:23 AM »
 >o<what did he miss? the paper says kids do well that live with two parents with no violent history?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Black Lives Matter
« on: July 10, 2020, 07:16:08 AM »
This makes sense to me.   A lot of problems are created for people when their family falls apart.

Im going to shoot in the dark here and try to answer some of your questions.   I'm also a world builder in that i like constructing multiple models of the world.   My model consists of a spinning flat earth with Antarctica at its center.

I assume ocean currents work similar to a spinning Round Earth.   Tectonic is also similar but in my model the whole world is like a collapsed volcano within a volcano which explains the worlds concave shape around the inner edges.  See "crater lake". Tom Bishop has other incredible ideas about plate tectonics in traditional FE theory.

Not sure what Hadley Cells are.

Temp differences should be same as RE.  Maybe extreme cold at the earths edges.

Tides Im unsure if.  I think it might be the temperature differences at night which help cause this.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Black Lives Matter
« on: June 27, 2020, 06:16:52 AM »
... presumably ... to someone.

I have to wonder where this movement is going, how effective it is and what it wants? Usually, activists demand something. What BLM want is anyone's guess.

I think during WW2 America saw similar protests.  Right now our government is having problems and is to tough on its people. 

Hmm...  mistakes do happen 👍

What im trying to say is tgat everyone, including government and other "power brokers" may not be so bad.  And perhaps info isnt released bc of honest concerns about the welfare if the people.  In fact, I think alot of info is released, but bc of confirmation bias, im not open to see it (like literally not physically see it in my news feed).  I remember not believing Antartica doesnt exist, and nit being able to find direct evidense it does.  I changed my mind on that, and suddenly I see photos of trips, toyrs, and people on kayaks beneath yhe glaciers like it hapoens everyday.

Do we want the truth????   I think thats the only barrier to entry.   

Philosophy, Religion & Society / A note on "Conspiracy" theories
« on: May 23, 2020, 07:19:38 PM »
Hello friends.

Have any of you noticed that any "conspiracy" theory tends assume the government is hiding something.  Maybe wrongfully?

Is it possible that things do "Transpire" but for natural reasons?   Such and such dispute arose from natural phenonena, and not b/c somebody planned out?

Im a bit of a self imposed expert on ufos, so here's my stig.

There mostly military aircraft and other large organizations.  They've pro ably been around for a really long time.  Specifically the discs that use electromagnetism to fly.  Because of the sensitive and maybe off nature of there missions (as appears to a lay man) they are not really talked about with the general public.   And of course there's other kinds of Ufos Or UAVs in the sky which many countries have.

Flat Earth Community / Re: Need help finding PHD Flat Earth thesis
« on: April 15, 2020, 01:18:01 AM »
Yeah, I've read this paper...  the poor English I ascribed to a poor translation.  Maybe English isn't her first language.

The arguments are typical flat earth arguments using a variety of observations that promote the flat and stationary model.  But some are unique and idea inspiring.

I enjoyed Her brief history of science and explained how the world went from geocentrism to heliocentrism and ought to go back again.

Flat Earth Community / Need help finding PHD Flat Earth thesis
« on: April 07, 2020, 12:08:00 AM »
Hi all,

I heard of a Muslim women publishing a 2017 Phd thesis with a subject like "The geocentric universe with a flat and young Earth."

Also a journal article thats maybe entitled

“physical and astronomical arguments” for geo-centrism (Earth being central and fixed in the universe).

Any help in helping me find these documents would be appreciated..!

No references to the star map but this model looks good.  I like the southern equidistant projection but cheers none the less.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Political compass
« on: January 14, 2020, 01:38:14 AM »

It was a good test.  Broke my balls on a few questions I didn’t want to answer.

Flat Earth Community / Re: Extent of the "Conspiracy"
« on: July 01, 2019, 02:35:46 AM »
It has been my assumption about the “conspiracy” that it is this huge all-powerful foe which seeks to suppress flat earth reality and sustain round earth fiction.  I have come to understand from a previous thread that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

From the Flat Earth Wiki, it states that “There is no Flat Earth Conspiracy” but “There is a Space Travel Conspiracy”.

This doesn’t provide a whole lot of information to go on, and as such I was wondering what flat earthers believe in more detail.  I’m curious as to what extent flat earthers believe the conspiracy entails, how deep, how wide.  I’m curious to know if you are skeptical of the conspiracy theory and why.

Voltare good question, i always wonder why nobody speaks more openly about a flat earth possibility.

I think it has to do with the language barrier.  I know it's weird that nobody would hear any news about alternative science ideas coming from high up.   Even Hawkings changed his mind on stuff along with other scientists like about dinosaurs and whether the universe expands or contracts nowadays.   

Maybe America took the lead and stood firmly about certain opinions and most other countries kinda just went along.

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