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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Do you keep the Sabbath?
« on: April 29, 2022, 04:51:10 PM »
In America, there are some Christians that are serious about keeping the Sabbath.

I'm sure they'll enjoy eternal salvation but I can't get a chicken sandwich from them on Sunday. I have to get a chicken sandwich from Pagans like Ronald McDonald or Burger King.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Do you keep the Sabbath?
« on: April 26, 2022, 03:15:36 PM »
Are you aware that the Bible translation you keep quoting from is not an accurate rendering of God's holy word?

I believe it is the most accurate English translation; the KJV.

Which version do you think is most accurate?

Are you a born again Christian?

Do you love God and Jesus Christ?

I love Jesus and thank him every morning that I live in a country that protects me from extremist religious freaks that would turn our country into a Christian version of Iran.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Do you keep the Sabbath?
« on: April 26, 2022, 02:29:29 PM »
Are you aware that the Bible translation you keep quoting from is not an accurate rendering of God's holy word?

People embrace the version and translation of the Bible which serves their personal preconceptions and prejudices the best.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Hey, Congrats Sean
« on: April 22, 2022, 04:40:06 PM »
Sean Hannity is not a journalist. Like Tucker Carlson, he's legally classified as an opinions analyst. This means he can say whatever he wants without any accountability.

Unlike a news reporter that has to cite sources and retract inaccurate information, Sean Hannity can lie and never be held responsible.

The courts have decided that there is no public expectation that these people will tell the truth so they don't have to tell the truth. Only idiots believe their crap.

Unfortunately, there are lots of idiots.

Hey? How come Christians get to promote their faith in the mid forums but poor old akay has to promote his Muslim faith in the lower forum, Complete Nonsense?

What? Is this some kind of unwokefullness?

I value nothing of this world, especially some AI bot's worthless opinion.

And this world feels the same way about you.

Take a look at who is starting all the shit and who actually wants it to end.

Globetards are starting all the shit.

Globetards are supporting all the shit.

I would like for the shit to end, quickly at that.

But no, globetards are profiting WAY to much for it to end, so drag it out they will.

Because globetards don't give a fuck about people.

Why don't you pick up a gun and go over there and join the fight against the evil Cossack horde, kramer!?! I mean, for once, do something meaningful in your life, ffs.

Globetards built everything in your world that you value. The power lines that deliver electricity to your conspiracy theory computer searches, the anti-lock braking system on your car (if you even have a car), the toilet you crap into and thousands of daily conveniences were designed and built by globetards. For all their supposed awareness, flat earthers can't even produce a useful map.

About my efforts to support Ukraine, you have no fucking clue what I'm doing.

You can support Putin your way and I'll oppose him my way.

Wow...You really, I mean really, have no idea about much of anything regarding economics, foreign affairs, politics, etc., do you?

Spoken by someone who can't even explain the basic geography of this planet's major continents.

Some Russians want to take Alaska back. I'm sure there are Americans who support them. After all, Putin only wants the best for us.

The bottom line is I know these cocksuckers are staging events to play on the money game and getting rich off the reality TV (MSM), as usual. I want those NAZI motherfuckers in Ukraine wiped off the fucking planet.

The USA, Canada, and the UK have had a great deal of fun funding those motherfuckers over the past thirty years.

So you're ok with the Nazis in America?

Your support for the Invasion of Ukraine has nothing to do with Nazis, you're just believing what your two daddies, Trump and Putin, want you to believe.

The bottom line: Are you saying that you are in support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine? Just trying to cut to the chase.

If the Putin supporters on this forum believe that Putin is a nice guy who is acting in the best interest of Europe to stomp out Nazis. Just say so.

If you believe Putin would never launch cyber-attacks against our infrastructure and social media or spray someone in the face with neurotoxin, just say so.

Own your communist sympathies and there will be a high place waiting for you in the new Soviet Union.

Also if the presence of Nazis in a country is reason to be invaded, those of us in the United States need to be careful. We got Nazis coming out the ass.


Read the goddamn thread. Jesus.

Even the fucking US press corp was reporting on this shit a couple of years ago.

Like I wrote, a lot of goddamn NAZI apologists... Hillary would be so proud!

Dude, just be honest with yourself. You support Russian rolling across Europe to protect the world from 'Naxis.' Just like Trump. you recognize that Putin, 'has a lot of love.'

That makes you a pinko, commie sympathizer.

if Russia doesn’t like it they can JUST STOP INVADING!

Putin has just as much right as America did to stop Cuban Missile Crisis. When you start putting bioweapons and conventional weapons near your enemy county's border you are provoking them into war.

Big surprise and shocker why Russia would invade Ukraine.

All you need for an invasion is to accuse someone of having nuclear weapons or bioweapons. This is what we did in Iraq.

When the Russian and Chinese troops arrive in America to liberate us from the tyranny of Joe Biden's liberal Nazi homosexual immigrants and destroy our nuclear weapons, Tom and Action will be there waving flags and cheering at their arrival.

The Republican Party is dead to me. They are traitors and commie sympathizers.

Yes, I'm sure once Putin has contained the Nazi threat in Ukraine, he will move on to rescue the next European country. Once all of Europe is free from Nazis, homosexuals, Free Press and locally managed elections then he will move on to the United States.

Really, this forum has something called CN for such Russia Gate BS.

Remember when Trump coined the phase 'Russia Hoax.' The idea that Russia would never do such a horrible thing. At the moment those words were coming out of his stupid face, Russia was deep in the engineering phase of the Solarwinds hack. This allowed Russia to penetrate deeply into our government computers completely unnoticed. They would still be there except they got too greedy about privilege escalation and data exfiltration so they got caught.

Remember when Trump proposed a 'Joint Cybersecurity Task Force' with Russia in front of the whole world. Putin had to bite down on his lower trying to keep from busting out laughing. The delighted look on his face was priceless.

You bought into this idea that Russia is portrayed as evil in some multi-generational, worldwide, mass media smear campaign. The Republicans are selling this idea to the American public to curry favor with Putin and gain their support in the next election.

BTW: Europe is not Africa. Ukraine is not Somalia and Russia is not Ethiopia. There are currently no nuclear weapons on the African continent.


Vladimir Putin has long known that American stupidity is a weapon of unimaginable power. He's used that weapon to conscript an army of ignorant zombie traitors that supports his agenda to dominate Europe and attack America.

Some of these zombie traitors believe in space lizards, some believe in the cannibal pedophile cabal. They believe all kinds of stupid shit.

All Ukrainians support their military. Their military officially uses a NAZI salute/greeting.

We can hope to develop advanced defense systems against fighter jets or missiles. But there's no stopping the power of dumbass.

NAZI elements of the Ukraine National Guard forces are NOT engaged in the killing of large populations of Muslims in Ukraine.

So you believe this is why Putin wants to invade Ukraine. You believe he has no further designs on Europe?

Putin really is a nice guy huh?

To be fair I only hear this rhetoric from the QAnon branch of the Republican party.  Almost all Republican leadership strongly backs Ukraine.  I'm looking at the front page of Fox News and it is coming down way harder on Putin than it is on Biden.  And if Fox News is hammering anyone harder than Biden then that's really saying something.

It is possible that that'll change in the same way that "normal" Republicans adopted the positions of the insane Republicans.

All that needs to happen for Republicans to abandon Ukraine and support Putin will be Trump doing so. True to his erratic nature, he's already lurched between praising Putin and condemning the invasion, but if he "settles down" in support of Putin, Republicans will be quick to follow suit. It's also important to note here that Putin has successfully manipulated Trump into taking his side multiple times over the past several years, and I don't see why he'd have a harder time doing so in this situation. It's not like Trump gives a shit about Ukraine to begin with. I doubt he could even find it on a map.

Middle class white men have been a staple of the Republicans for decades but now that demographic is dwindling nationally. That's why they see unwhite people of other classes as a threat. That's also why they've taken to this shameless gerrymandering across the country.
In their desperation, they are romancing white supremacists, conspiracy theory freaks and the mentally enfeebled. They no longer talk about real issues, they're just frightening elderly voters with pictures of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton's face. They know that Russia will bring huge resources to the next election and they're willing to let Putin have Europe in exchange. They are traitors to their own country, they certainly don't care about Ukraine.

They know they can use bullshit to whip up the ignorant freaks into frenzy. For example:
Here is why Putin is in Ukraine.

The NAZIs are committing acts of atrocity against ethnic groups and now threatening Zelensky with assassination.

I don't see any reason to care about this more than other world conflicts.

Because Russia is run by an autocrat who holds the keys to one of the largest nuclear arsenals on this planet?

I guess if you really believe that Putin is a nice guy who wants the best for the people of this nation, then I can understand why you don't care.

Technology & Information / Re: I Hate Linux Distros
« on: February 21, 2022, 01:03:05 PM »
Even the very cheap Burp Suite Certified Practitioner is going to command more respect.

I've been using the community version of Burp for a while and didn't know this was a thing. I use Owasp ZAP for anything with real brute force because the freebie Burp is so severely throttled.

I may go for this. I already have a good head start on the software so it should go easy and I can always learn some new tricks. $99 dollars to get a certificate suitable for framing and add 1/32 of an inch to the size of my IT dick is a pretty good deal.

Technology & Information / Re: I Hate Linux Distros
« on: February 20, 2022, 11:38:59 PM »
Even if I want to compete for a pen testing job, the Comptia cert looks really puny next to others like the CEH that cost thousands of dollars.
For what it's worth: I'm currently a pentester

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place...

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