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Thork's Jack Russell challenge
« on: September 16, 2020, 05:52:06 PM »
Hold fire mods ...

First I want to set the mood. Click the video below and get it running. You are in Dr David Thork's private library and I'm conducting some studies.

^Go on, click it. Immerse yourself in the goodness of the thread to come.

Excellent. So, I'm studying how if a mainstream lie is told often enough ... it becomes a fact. Let's take gravity as a fact. Round earthers revel in being able to produce multiple sources for some thing like gravity. An appeal to popularity. And even if my senses tell me that you are wrong, you won't accept it and will slam citations on me here, here and here.

Thork, I thought you said this thread was about Jack Russells?

I did. Settle down, we are coming to the Jack Russells.

Now my premise is that once a lie is told, it is repeated over and over and over on the internet. No one checks. No one corrects it. An absolute lie can become cast iron fact. Consider ... the fastest dogs in the world.

1) Greyhound (No surprises there).
2) Saluki (Yeah, I've no idea what that is either but seeing a picture of one shakes my confidence).
3) Afghan hound (They have long legs I guess but all that hair ... I'm calling bullshit).
4) Vizsla
5) Ibizan Hound
6) Jack Russell Terrier (that's torn it! There is no way that a shitty little dog like this is the 6th fastest dog on earth. We haven't had lurchers or whippets yet! Actual racing dogs!).
7) Dalmatian
8) Borzoi
9) Whippet
10) Pharaoh Hound


So this

is faster than

Its a typo Thork, why are you getting bent out of shape over a single website?

... because its not a single website. Some gas-lighting owner of a Jack Russell puppy farm has propagated the lie that Jack Russell's are racing dogs capable of 38mph!


Over and over and over again ... this lie that Jack Russell's can outrun a whippet. That they can do 38mph!

Based on round earther logic ... Jack Russell's are one of the fastest dogs on earth. I owned one once. They have little legs and bigger dogs zoom past them at the park.

Despite all my senses telling me a Jack Russell is a shitty little dog, almost every poll has them between 5th and 7th for fastest dog. Feel free to have a google yourself.

So Thork's Jack Russell Challenge. Because this is earth shape agnostic, do some sleuthing and find out where this ridiculous lie about Jack Russell's being one of the fastest dogs on earth comes from. Its obviously nonsense. And then how did it end up all over the internet as a cast iron fact ... Jack Russells ... faster than whippets ... capable of 38 mph.

The winner ... the person who finds the original source for this bizarre and ridiculous piece of science will win my loyalty for 2 weeks. No matter which thread you are in, no matter what you are arguing ... I will agree with you and take your side in the debate.

Now get out of my library!  >o<
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Re: Thork's Jack Russell challenge
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2020, 05:59:17 PM »
Those are high stakes! All I know is that my dumb black lab wouldn't make the fast dogs list. ...except in the water.

If a lie is repeated enough it definitely starts to get viewed as truth. Good examples are famous movie/TV quotes that are actually misquotes...

I'll get out of your book room now.
"Earth isnt round or flat. It's fucked."
- Ricky LaFleur


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Re: Thork's Jack Russell challenge
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2020, 09:21:51 PM »
This is a trap of the most Akbarian proportion.  Conflating silly dog blogs with scientific study is silly and saying that producing scientific study on a topic is an Ad Populum fallacy is even sillier.