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There is a notable lack of debate on here between FE people - debate about contrasting models, attempts to move towards a unified FE model.
I would have thought that should be part of what this site is about.
I tried to generate some with this thread on a topic I know is a matter of debate between FE people:


But got very little response. There was a thread about how RE people could behave to encourage more FE on FE debate, in that thread a separate suggestion came up that a dedicated forum on here for FE people would help encourage such debate without RE people spoiling those threads. As it was felt not to be an appropriate thread for that discussion I thought I'd start one in here, as it's a suggestion.

The suggestion, in short, is a separate section of the forum be created for FE people to debate between themselves the competing models and attempt to move towards consensus.
My suggestion is that section be visible by everyone but only selected people be allowed to post. By "selected people" I mostly mean FE believers, but selected RE people may be allowed access too if they post within the spirit of that section.

If you are making your claim without evidence then we can discard it without evidence.


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Re: FE2FE Debate Section
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This has been done before. It was called the 'believers' forum and only FE people had access. True FE people. Not people who claimed to be FE people. Specifically FE people who John Davis deemed to be FE people. These included lunatics like Bullhorn who made about 50 posts in 6 years, Gotham and Daniel. It did not include the unclean such as me, Pete, Parsifal, or anyone else who actually made most of the FE posts at the time.


The forum became tumbleweed. John's friends never posted anything. In 2007 you can see 4 threads were made all year. In 2008 1 solitary thread about a map by a guy named James. Davis wouldn't add anyone new. And the idea that only believers could use the forum discredited everyone else as not a believer.

Long story short ... no one used the board and it was just used by John Davis as a John Davis and friends forum. It was a horrible idea.
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Re: FE2FE Debate Section
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I don't think it's a horrible idea although it's interesting to hear that attempts elsewhere to create this failed.
I wonder why that was. Thanks for the reply.
If you are making your claim without evidence then we can discard it without evidence.