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Below is a link to a blog with text from hindu scriptures regarding the sun, earth and moon. Interesting stuff.

Flat Earth Theory / Why doesn't the sun get smaller with perspective?
« on: September 26, 2017, 02:06:08 PM »
This question keeps coming up throughout the forum but i haven't seen/read any reasonable explanation for the sun staying the same size as it moves further away towards the horizon. So i've done a very simple sketchup drawing highlighting what should be seen if we were on a flat earth but which we don't actually see in reality. FET puts the sun at 32 miles in diameter and the earth at 25 000 miles in diameter. So comparatively we have a very very small sun which should be getting smaller and smaller as its moving along its path horizontal to the earth.

This is a good video of a sunset in Hawaii which clearly shows that the sun remains the same size as its setting. 

Can any FE'ers provide an explanation for this?

Hey FE'ers,

Here's more proof for you guys or anyone interested in this whole FE vs RE debate on whether the earth is a Globe or Flat Disc.
According to the FE map, the distance from South Africa to Australia is much further away (almost twice the distance) than what is experienced by people travelling this route.
There are direct flights between these countries via Qantas Airlines but the FE'ers dispute the distance between these 2 countries.

So below is more proof or evidence of people sailing this route (Clipper Round the World Race). It's the only yacht race of its kind in the world and a great test of human endurance.

Feel free to check out the links below:

1. Info on the race which is broken up into various legs -

2. Article on a local lad who sailed on a South African sponsored yacht -

The 3rd leg of the race, Cape Town to Freemantle Port (West Australia), is 4845 nautical miles (nm) which converts to roughly 8972Km. This verifies the recorded flight distance between JHB and PERTH (also on west coast of AUS) at 8325Km.

So any explanation from FE'ers regarding the above and why the huge variation on distances according to the FE map is welcome.

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