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Oh, excuse me. TREAT. Still, if you haven't brought the "rEpRiNt", there isn't one and this is an original article. Vitamin isn't the best to treat the coronavirus. Snopes writes that "Intravenous application of vitamin C will result in much higher and faster levels of the vitamin in the blood than any amount found in vitamin C supplements taken orally. Though this approach could increase vitamin C’s mild protective effect, this is yet hypothetical and intravenous injection comes with its own risks, such as infection, blood vessel damage, air embolism or blood clots./
So although vitamin C does have some small effect on the common cold, it’s unlikely that taking large amounts of vitamin C supplements will cure a COVID-19 infection – or have a large effect at all."
This doesn't sound like a successful treatment.

I'll provide you another article...

Just in case you didn't know this is the title: Coronavirus Successfully Treated by Vitamin C

As much I don't like to call mean things to people, if you cannot comprehend what has been explained to you that has been obvious, you are analytically illiterate.



Why would you promote the idea of a curefor any viral infection?

Because isn't that the TOPIC of this forum?  ;) ::)

First, snopes didn't write one of the is a reprint...

Within the preface it states: "it does not, however, represent the work of Snopes fact-checkers or editors..."

The same article links to other sources stating that claims of curing coronavirus by taking vitamin C are false...

The whole trouble is the only thing you find when you do a search about this topic you find articles claiming it WON'T!

So, it is a strawman to claim there was anything there about curing coronavirus with vitamin C to begin with.

The words treatment and prevention does not = cure.

These are your words. Why are you asking me to contact Snopes when you claimed that the article was a reprint. Plus, I'm not spreading misinformation about Vitamin C and the Coronavirus; in fact, there are other articles that report this and this article provides sources and evidence why Vitamin C does not prevent or treat the Coronavirus. I'll be glad to show you articles that are not from a meth head who made conspiracy theories in less than 5 seconds

First of all, if this article is a reprint, where is the original(reply to the url link)? Second of all, if you try to find the article to support your belief about curing the coronavirus and it doesn't exist or is false, it is probably fake.
You provided the snopes info...ask them where the link is.

YOU'RE the one who said that this article is a reprint and I am asking you that if this article is a reprint (it's most likely not), provide me the link. I did provide Snopes information about the coronavirus and Vitamin C but since your claim was that this article was a reprint, I want to see the link.

First of all, if this article is a reprint, where is the original(reply to the url link)? Second of all, if you try to find the article to support your belief about curing the coronavirus and it doesn't exist or is false, it is probably fake.

I worked in a supplement store a long time ago and people would come in with cancer asking what would cure them. I always told them to leave and ask their doctor. I’m wasn’t about to sell someone some cockamamie onion pills or whatever the fuck else and give them false hope just to make more money. Medicine is what has been clinically proven to work. Everything else may as well be garbage until proven otherwise. There is no “alternative” medicine.

I have one at my store and some of the supplements I see are just a scam, with low effectiveness and high prices. I'd say the only real beneficial supplement would by the Omega 3 but the other ones are pretty garbage. What's even worse is the people who work there are really nice people; they just have been misinformed to believe that modern medicine is dangerous.

Here's a link about homeopathy to back my previous claim:

Isn't most homeopathic and herbal remedies unregulated by the FDA because most products are classified as "food"?

Going to the topic of homeopathy isn't homeopathy just very diluted water and alcohol with a herb that almost non-existent in the concoction?

Hey Tom, here is a fact-check about Lemons and the Coronavirus

And this


Absolutely everyone's GO TO SOURCE for medical information!

Why should I believe snopes when it comes to any subject?

snopes is actually strawmanning the hell out of this vitamin C thing...

Actually read the article and actually try to rebut it with your own evidence; isn't that the premise of this forum? Snopes is quite reliable as of busting myths and urban legends. It is not a medical website because it is a FACT-CHECKING website, but it does cover over common misconceptions dealing with the coronavirus(Heck it even has its own collection!).

Okay, back to your claim about "straw-manning" the article. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Vitamin C is important to maintain “redox” balance in the body’s tissues – these are types of reactions in cells that add or remove oxygen, and are essential for many processes such as generating energy in cells. These same reactions, though, can create products harmful to human cells – such as reactive oxygen species, which react with lipids (fat), proteins and nucleic acids. Vitamin C can lessen these harmful reactions. It also helps enzymes build collagen, which is necessary for supporting our body’s tissues.

Although vitamin C doesn’t have miraculous disease-curing properties, some research has also shown it can help the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses. Its role in protecting against viral infections was shown in a recent review which found that immune cells need vitamin C to produce proteins that activate the immune system throughout the body against virus attacks./ These slight effects of vitamin C on the coronavirus that causes the common cold has spurred a new clinical trial looking to cure COVID-19 infections using very high intravenous doses of vitamin C. These trials have just started and no results are yet posted.(paragraphs 5,6,9)"

I cannot show the URL links but it is providing sources from MEDICAL WEBSITES such as the NCBI so it correlated to it. You cannot tell me that this is straw-manning Vitamin C because this isn't a fallacy.

The body allegedly turns Vitamin C into Hydrogen Peroxide in the body, which is water with an extra oxygen atom.

Coincidentally, direct oxygen therapy also appears to have an effect on ghe Coronavirus, as stated by the World Health Organization.

WHO: "Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19"

There are also some other sources on that topic. Quick search:

"Feb. 14 (UPI) -- Oxygen therapy has been effective in the treatment of a critically ill patient infected with the new strain of coronavirus in South Korea, local health authorities said Friday.

Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said one of the remaining 21 COVID-19 patients in the country was still in critical condition this week. The patient's symptoms have been improving after oxygen was administered using a face mask, local news service Newsis reported."

Hey Tom, here is a fact-check about Lemons and the Coronavirus


Don't say anything positive about an alternative therapy, even world news about what other countries are doing. The insufferable here will claim that you are telling people to ignore medical advice from their doctor.

I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to push back against people talking about alternate medicine because people do die after being told a chiropractor can cure your cancer. It's a real problem.

Think of it this way. If you are going to go sky diving, are you going to use a parachute designed by experts and packed by a professional or will you use some bed sheet and duct tape contraption some guy on the internet claims works better?  I wouldn't.  And I certainly wouldn't go around posting "Hey you don't need to pay someone lots of money to sell you some overpriced parachute, try this yourself instead!"

I might ask "Hey, anyone know if this thing would work, and how?"

If it was a truly revolutionary idea, it would get studied and tested and refined and eventually adopted and used.

Just like medicine.

The human body is an insanely complex system and people can spend their entire lives studying small parts of it. A doctor with 20 years of medical training and experience is simply going to know better than any of us that read a web page about some miracle cure. There is a ton of crap out there, and as a layman it's not easy to figure out what's real and what's someones delusion and what might be a deliberate scam.

I second this :)

Don't say anything positive about an alternative therapy, even world news about what other countries are doing. The insufferable here will claim that you are telling people to ignore medical advice from their doctor.

Can you clarify what you said?

I don't think copper can "kill" the coronavirus. You would have to introduce a vaccine to stop and luckily scientists are developing it.  :D

It certainly can kill the coronavirus, the same way setting it on fire or pouring acid on it will kill it.  ( As far as you can kill something that isn't alive anyway. )

Copper surfaces tend to self-disinfect the same way silver does.

But you are right and make a good point, taking copper supplements won't help you get over the flu any more than drinking acid or setting yourself on fire will.  What can disinfect a surface doesn't help kill viruses inside the body.

Sadly it looks likely that the coronavirus could very well be here to stay, mutating every year like the regular flu does.  But with a vaccine we can at least protect against it better if it comes back every fall.

Lol especially people taking MMS ("Miracle Mineral Solution). Drinking sodium chlorite does the job TOO WELL. There was a trial of 95 healthy people who were vaccinated for the coronavirus and hopefully great results show.

Now we need Tom Bishop and AllAroundTheWorld to join the discussion to see a fiery-I mean respectful debate.

Flat Earth Theory / Re: Eötvös Effect
« on: March 24, 2020, 09:21:09 PM »
That looks like a pretty poor experiment.

There are many different things affecting the weight here, causing it to bounce up and down. And you think that averaging it all out will tell you what the ultimate cause is here?

I am pretty sure his flights lasted longer than 90 seconds. Showing us a carefully selected portion of his trip is hardly comprehensive.

This is just like the experiment you posted of the swirl of a tub. A singular experiment that you think proves something because someone claimed to get the right direction, while ignoring the people who got a different result. Or the Cavendish experiment, an inconsistent experiment admitted by the experimenters to be affected by other causes to get those inconsistent results, from which you conclude that the universal attraction of matter exists, rather than any other thing causing a short range attraction. Totally insufficient experiments which only a superstitious grandmother would conclude is proof (sadly the common mentality).

The Eötvös Effect is a type of experiment historically performed by science with gravimeters - a different instrument. It's not based on a Youtube guy's wildly shifting scale. The effect does not bounce up and down wildly in the gravimeter, and has a clear trend. This isn't a "good experiment." It's a different experiment. And without extraneous repetition or control of the variables it's trash. May as well ask us to stare at television static and tell us that it's proof of the big bang.

Is this airplane scale experiment a controlled experiment? Clearly not. The experimenter can't separate the variables which are affecting the device. Very short, selected time spans. No documentation on how and where it was calibrated, either.

Per the wiki article you mentioned; in order to argue that the Eötvös Effect means anything in the gravimeter tests, you would first need to demonstrate that the gravimeter is what you think it is. Which means addressing the other gravimeter article associated with that wiki page where various scientists describe it as a seismometer.

How is this a poor experiment? AllAroundTheWorld gave a good analysis based on the video.

Copper can kill coronavirus.

Not every old cure is worthless. Please enjoy this alternative method of protection.

I don't think copper can "kill" the coronavirus. You would have to introduce a vaccine to stop and luckily scientists are developing it.  :D


Evidence based medicine, thanks.

Woohoo! You aren't that ONE person that says that snake oil or garlic can cure cancer. High-five!

This topic will be the *official discussion on debating Conventional Medicine and Alternative Medicine as in which is better. I look forward to seeing very interesting answers.

*This isn't official but I hope it becomes it.

What do you think the earth is?

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