Best arguments for FE
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First post on this forum. I've lurked around at this forum a bunch, and read through the wiki. I'm curious on what you experienced FEs believe are the best arguments, most convincing, hardest to refute etc etc? I'm thinking of writing a pretty lengthy paper on it, arguing for the FE theory, and I really would like to what you think the strength is in the theory.


Re: Best arguments for FE
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I'd say that the fact that the Atlantic ocean between Newfoundland and Ireland is probably the best. Another good one is that since you can see a ship that has disappear over the horizon with binoculars is good too. There is a lot of information on the FES wiki too, check it out and determine which is the best yourself. :)

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Re: Best arguments for FE
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First you have to decide, what is the primary purpose of the argument: to try to prove a theory, or to disprove a competing theory?
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