As a religion, which has more to recommend it historically?

Christianity as the official State Church of the Roman Empire.
Mithraism would have been a good idea.
Had Atenism survived its founder, it had much to recommend it.
Judaism would have done well as a State Faith for non-Jews.
Greco-Roman Religio Romana as the State Belief of the Empire.


Greco-Roman Paganism best for maintaintaining a State.
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I have come to the conclusion, after considerable study, that Greco-Roman Paganism is actually preferable in many ways over Judaeo-Christian mores and values. To put it bluntly, Christianity is a religion of slaves and defeatists. And Judaism is a religion of a beaten people. The Romans would never have fallen if they had not adopted Christianity as their faith. In fact, they were far kinder to the Christians than they ought to have been. The only far reaching persecutions took place during the reigns of Diocletian and Decius. Otherwise, kind-hearted Romans tended to ignore the law as much as they could. If they had enfotced the law, There would BE no Christianity today, Jews would be the happier for it, and we would all be speaking Latin.

Now today's attempt to revive Greco-Roman Paganism can be easy or hard. The liberal feminists that want to make it all girly are just silly. early. Ancient Greece was anything but supportive of women's rights.…
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