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i am not trolling
« on: June 15, 2016, 07:15:20 PM »
i know what the Bible says and i believe in God, i know what all the ancient Greeks said, i know what you people say.

well .....if i say to people a lie and some people dont believe it then maybe i would like to give to those people a more confuzing lie so
they get disapointed or they never get around the truth.
i mean maybe the same people who tell you the earth is a sphere the same people tell you is flat.

the Bible drscripes an earth with all the reasonable thinks you say but NOT FLAT.
who said that and why?
(only in one part at the apocalyps says about 4 corners, but i dont know, could be something else, i cant just hang from that and say it is flat.)
the other things is about the moon the sun the dome, and it is more claer about them.

so....what if the earth is a sphere, but it is not moving? what if the sun and the moon and the stars is going around? whta if it is so big you cant get hight enouth to see the curve because you have the dome (round dome)?
what if this is the reason for nasa fake piscture? they canot get hight enouth.
the moon can be crystal can be whatever they want.
antartica and the other things they say, i dont know. they could take somebody, deorienating and say we pass the antartica and he believe it.

i see that if the earth is round and its not moving i can answer many thinks that in flat theory is a mistery.
i saw john kerry says you dont have to be a sience to see the syn rising and i thought , ok he is closing them his eye like
saying ....ok you see the flat earth, now get it out of your system....

again im not trolling , just looking for what you look. the thruth, dont care if its flat, round or triagle, just the bloody truth.
what i write up is what many greeks believed, not all of the though.

sorry for bad english )

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Re: i am not trolling
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2016, 10:58:47 PM »
A non moving spherical Earth, otherwise known as Geocentricsm.
To make this simple, you are half right, let's say you are standing on the ground and a moving car passed you, the car is moving relative to the ground, but you are not. The same thing with the Earth around the Sun, we could say the Sun is moving around Earth, it's the same thing, it's just most people say it's the Earth that's moving, because the Sun is more massive, just like when people say it's the car that moves, not the ground.
The size of the Solar system if the Moon were only 1 pixel: