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Re: Cancer is easily cured with common grocery store items
« Reply #260 on: July 07, 2019, 11:28:34 PM »
The study you cited is a totally different study with different doses and cancers and timespans.

The people in the study I cited were given the same treatment and their cancers were suppressed in a double-blind study against a control group. The control group without the high doses of garlic had cancers which proliferated. How did those people in that study taking high dose garlic coincidentally regress?

The quote provided from the paper I referenced is in regard to the study you originally referenced. Read it again.

But jesus, where are you going with all this? More research is required. The paper I referenced cited promising elements of AGE as a cancer inhibitor, but that many factors have not been controlled for in the human studies so it's efficacy is still unknown. I am not arguing that garlic may provide some health benefits. So may red wine and a Med diet for heart disease. But it's cavalier to be stating things like the title of this thread and "Garlic suppresses cancer in humans" when it's unclear and certainly undecided.

I'm all for the research, so it's great to dig these studies and such up and share, just don't go laying down absolutes where there aren't any. It's misleading. 
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Re: Cancer is easily cured with common grocery store items
« Reply #261 on: July 08, 2019, 12:04:10 AM »
Garlic suppresses cancer in humans:


Aged garlic extract has potential suppressive effect on colorectal adenomas in humans.
Tanaka S1, Haruma K, Yoshihara M, Kajiyama G, Kira K, Amagase H, Chayama K.


The results suggest AGE suppresses progression of colorectal adenomas in humans. It appears that AGE has multiple pathways to reduce cancer incidence and suppress its growth and proliferation.
Tom, if your own source won't say with certainty that AGE suppresses cancer, then you shouldn't either.
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