What are astronomers observing?
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Why would I be an astronomer if it was apparent that (as some FE-ers will propose) the sky was a projection, rendering astronomy useless?

You can observe binary star systems, planets, gravitational lensing, nebulae, etc. These observations lend themselves to a now-obvious inference about our place in the universe.

I can predict the transit of celestial bodies using the well-established model that includes the earth being a planet among countless other planets.

You would simply need a mountain of evidence to “disprove” such observable, predictable things as binary star systems. Are astronomers just completely wrong? Can I apply the band-aid fix of “they could be wrong” and call it a day?

This may be one of the weakest parts of the wiki. The relatively short articles that make up The Cosmos section don’t constitute any argument against the gigantic volume of data and studies that countless people and organizations have created. The wiki relies too much on the basis that RE is a philosophical model rather than an observable one. Some cherrypicked and contextless quotes from random figures don’t change that.
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Re: What are astronomers observing?
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Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we already addressed it.
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