Gravity as observed, cannot be explained with FE theory
« on: November 10, 2021, 12:58:54 PM »
Gravity is a product of mass. We have incredibly accurate equations, that work incredibly well, that only use mass and distance as variable terms.

Gravity on a disc will be skewed if you're standing at the edge of the disc. It won't act perpendicular to the surface, as we clearly observe, wherever we are on the earth.

Acceleration doesn't solve this problem, (despite being patently ridiculous as a solution, as a mere year of acceleration at 1G would have us approaching light speed which would cause significant visual artefacts when looking at the night sky from the surface of earth. Not to even mention the problem of where the energy is coming from to constantly accelerate our planet at 1G without throwing 'dark energy' as a wild guess), as gravity would still be skewed by the mass of the disc when measured from its edge.

Universal acceleration can't explain why more massive objects exert more gravity either.

Gravity, as observed, cannot be explained in a flat earth theory, no matter how convoluted the attempt.

Occam's razor can be applied. When every thing we observe can be explained by a spherical earth causing gravity in proportion to its mass, we don't need to fabricate preposterous theories, (like universal acceleration due to dark energy), to explain it.
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Re: Gravity as observed, cannot be explained with FE theory
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2021, 09:36:10 AM »
You are mixing up gravity with gravitation - a rookie error.

Your entire thread here asserts that gravitation exists. FET does not disagree.

You are expected to understand the model you're arguing against before you decry your opposition. Start with the FAQ, work your way up through the wiki, and if you still have questions - ask them.

Don't waste our time by complaining that something we didn't claim makes no sense.
Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we already addressed it.
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P.S.  All of us illiterate folks understood this the first time.