Community survey: Your beliefs and how you reached them
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I arrived at this website looking for answers, but not to the questions many of you are typically asked. Rather, I want to know your stories.

Hi, my name is Marshall. I am a writer with a passion for understanding philosophy, theology, and the human condition. I have prepared some questions to ask the members of the TFES. If any of you would care to tell your side of the journey to reach your current conclusion as a FET supporter, I would love to hear it. If anything is worded in a strange or unfair way, please feel free to interpret the question in a way that is fair. Thank you for your time.

When did you join the FE society?

What interested you about this community?

Have you had the "Aha" moment since following the FE Theory? At what point was that?

In your experience, what is the overall "vibe" of the FE community online or in real life?

Have you made new friends in this community?

Joining a skeptic-circle as controversial as this one can spark a lot of criticism from outsiders. Has this ever happened and did it make you doubt your pursuit in this theory? If not, how did it affect you?

When faced with a difficult debate, it can be hard when the person in front of you begins to lash out with frustration. How do you handle this situation?

Is it more important to resist the information pushed by a flawed public education system and questionable media outlets or is it more important to push the evidence of FE Theory itself?

What direction do you think the Theory is going as far as its status in acceptance in popular culture.

Outside the Society, we non-supporters are under the impression that the Theory is losing traction? Is this true, and do you feel like TFES is growing or shrinking or neither?

What do you think of other heavily criticized beliefs out there? Pharma Skepticism? Cryptozoology? Astrology? Wicca? Ufology? Paranormal?

You don't have to answer anything you don't want to, but consider some of these questions as prompts. If you are so inclined to include anecdotes and extra details, that is up to you. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions from an inside perspective, and maybe play a little devil's advocate for the opposition to FE. You can email me any time at or reply right here on the topic. Can't wait to see some awesome answers and stories!

EDITS/NOTES: Minor errors fixed. Thank you to Pete Svarrior for the suggestions and edits. I could not find any other posts with the replies I had hoped to see, so I came here for personal discussions.
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Re: Community survey: your beliefs and how you reached them
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I'm renaming your thread to something that more accurately represents its purpose. Please remember that a thread title is supposed to provide information. The original title "As a firm non-suporter of the FE theory..." tells us nothing about what you're about to say. Please feel free to rename the thread further if you feel you can describe it better than I did.

Please also avoid setting your own rules for threads ("Talk about your opinions on religion, science, society and current affairs if you like, NSFW topics are off-limits."). Forum rules apply to all threads, and there is no expectation for anyone to follow your requests if they are stricter than the rules.

As for your questions, they're quite common and are indeed typically asked. You might want to use the search function to have a look at previous threads. This is generally an expectation - we want you to read before you write. By the time you make your first post, you should be relatively familiar with the community, and you would have found the answers you're looking for during that familiarisation stage.

I might chime in with some thoughts of my own later, but I make no promises.
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Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we already addressed it.
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