Convert me - Explain earths phenomena
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I believe the earth is a globe. Not because of indoctrination, not because of a closed mind. I believe the earth is a globe because I think it is the simplest explanation for what we see and experience. I am not condescending, elitist or insulting towards flat earthers, provided they are not with me. I do however like to debate the subject in a civilised manner and have yet to find suitable explanations for much of what we experience using a flat earth model. So I invite anyone to attempt to explain the following:

Solar and Lunar eclipses
Day and night cycle
Flight times
The spherical appearance of all other large celestial bodies
How gravity works, or if you deny gravity as a concept, what replaces it

Attempt to explain these fairly basic observations using a single flat earth model as opposed to multiple contradictory ones. If you find yourself unable to do so, and you don't believe that to be a problem for the theory, explain why - remembering that the globe earth model does this with ease. Which for me is the real seller. Buying into a theory without a working model is like buying a car chassis and expecting it to move. Sure you can sit in it and make believe that you're driving around, but until all the needs it requires to perform all its functions are met, its useless in a practical capacity.

So I invite you with an open and logical mind to convert me.


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Re: Convert me - Explain earths phenomena
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