Community Within TFES
« on: October 26, 2020, 05:53:38 PM »
Good morning, all!
To start: if you think I have posted in the wrong forum, please let me know. I'm new here and trying to navigate the different forums is a little bit tricky. I'm happy to move my post if I need to!
I'm going to be upfront with my intentions here. I am doing research for a college English class on online communities and their literacies. I am not talking about literacy in the most commonly used sense of the term, but rather the aspects of your community that help you interact with and find other other people with similar beliefs.
For example: do you all have a certain event that everyone in the community should know about? Any texts that you all refer to? How do you identify each other in public? Is there any slang a new member of the community should know?
I know you get a lot of requests from students looking for information, so I am trying to make this as clear as possible: I am not here to debate or research the Flat Earth Theory itself, just how the members of your online community interact with each other.
If you would like to help or even if this just interests you, please feel free to comment or even DM me! I have also attached my Code of Ethics and a Consent Form if you would like to look at them.
Thank you!

Re: Community Within TFES
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Still looking for anyone who would like to participate! I don't want to spam the forum with multiple posts because I know that can be annoying.
I am looking for around 3-5 people to participate either on here or on Facebook. It would only take around ten minutes of your time and I would be extremely grateful!
There will be no invasive questions, you may go under a pseudonym, and I am not trying to start any arguments so there is no need to feel like you have to know everything about FET in order to defend it. I am not interested in debating FET, just want to know more about your community :)