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Earth Flood and Flat Earth
« on: September 22, 2020, 06:18:08 AM »
Its my first post here, I hope to enrich and enriched from you also.

We all heard about the flood that covered the whole earth. Was it on flat earth or rounded one?

If it was on flat earth,then we should believe that something blocked it from leaking outside as the ice mountains or other barriers.

It it was rounded then there the gravity theory has controlled water around the world so strictly.

 As a Muslim many Muslim scholar talked about that saying that it was rounded. Some may said else.  We also believe that there is above Kaaba in Makkah there is a place in sky called "Albiet Maamoor". and that mean in my perspective one of four:
- the earth is flat and "Albiet Maamoor" is above it.
-The earth is rounded but not moving. So this place is above it as well.
- The earth is moving with the sky also and that may corrupt many theories and have to be studied beyond our minds.
- There is something else we cant study it.

These are some verses from Holy Quran talk about Noah (peace be upon him) flood.