I've seen one model, that, by some insane stretch of the imagination, could accurately represent the Coriolis effect. Even though I found several flaws. Anyways, that map completely ruined day and night. Lots of Flat Earth Models also show that light travels farther to some places than to others, just to keep a consistent Terminator. Is there a Flat Earth Model that accurately shows day and night, along with the Coriolis Effect?


Re: Is there a Flat Earth Model that can accurately show day and night?
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If you summarily dismiss flat earth as heresy and brutish, then your conception will always be skewed.

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Model is a tricky word, like so many others in english.  It has too many definitions and in the context of discussions about science (such as what shape the world is, for example) model has only one definition.

This is why the equivocation fallacy is committed essentially by default when anyone starts talking about colloquial "models" (which have no relevance to the discussion) as opposed to scientific ones which MIGHT (this itself is a completely unvalidated assumption) be relevant to the discussion.

The only flat earth models that exist that I am aware of are models in the sense of model car/airplane.  They are toys / art, and conceptual aids at absolute best.  There is no replacement being offered for the defunct presumptive model that is being torn down/criticized for being inconsistent with reality and science.  The replacement model should be expected to take at least a century, but historically speaking it will take millennia and it will never be complete or correct. See goedel's proof for more info.

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