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Re: Joe Biden is winning by a landslide
« Reply #940 on: April 04, 2021, 08:54:39 PM »
And so what if a detective thinks that their suspect is guilty? The detective's bias means nothing. It's not up to the detective to convict the suspected criminal. The detective's evidence, however, contributes towards aiding in the investigation and sending the person to jail.

Bias can always mean something. You saying this is particularly rich considering how often you have decried politicians or scientists (Hampden) for being untrustworthy for their bias. Your hypocrisy is a shining beacon.

You know very well that if the Senate's firm finds bad things against Dominion or the elections officials that it opens the way for a trial, discovery, investigations, and further subpoenas. You also know that in this county there has been refusals to obey previous subpoenas, shredded ballots, and allegations leading up to this and that it isn't out of the blue.

Yes I do know that if an audit finds something then it can lead to other things. Apparently you didn’t, since you were presupposing the bad things.

What happened to your previous statements that you welcomed audits? Obviously another fib from you.

When did I say I didn’t want an audit? You are doing that thing where you call someone a liar when it’s you that’s fabricating reality. It’s troubling. Seek help?
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