Different rotation of celestial vault between hemispheres
« on: May 31, 2020, 12:16:08 AM »
If i start taking snapshots of the night sky from the North Hemisphere and I overlap them all after, I'll see the celestial vault rotating in one sense. If i do the same from the South Hemisphere, the celestial vault seems to rotate in the opposite direction. How can this be compatible with the flat Earth model?
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Re: Different rotation of celestial vault between hemispheres
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This is a great way of creating star trail photos without the final image getting too fogged by light pollution.  Have you actually done this or is it just a thought experiment on your part? 

Just how dark your sky is at night will decide what the longest exposure is that you can make without light pollution blotting out the stars. For a typical suburban sky I would say an exposure time of 30 seconds or so would be your limit. You can then use a remote timer to take say 60 photos covering half an hour.  You can then use photo stacking software to create a final image and then alter the levels to suit. 

Obviously from a photo it is not possible to see directly that the stars around the NCP are rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise around the SCP but a timelapse video certainly will.  How you explain the opposite directions of rotation between the NCP and the SCP on a flat Earth model is one of lifes little mysteries. The FE 'explanation' for it tends to move towards a global model without actually admitting that the Earth must be a globe after all for it to work.