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How high is the Sun and how wide?
I strongly suggest you familiarise yourself with the basics of FET before posting here again. This expectation has been set out for you in the "read before posting" thread, which you have obviously read before posting. If you can't follow the forum's etiquette, don't post here. If you can't comply, I will assist you.

The rules state that asking questions about moderation in the thread being moderated are disallowed, so I hope this is the appropriate place to ask.

Can I get a clarification of what a moderator is telling me to stop doing?

There is more context in the thread itself so I won't clutter the forums here by copy/pasting it all but I wasn't simply asking that out of the blue. For reference, my view of the discussion at that point was it had turned to the terms used in the listed EA formula, and I was asking how you can use it if you don't have numbers for the Sun/Moon position and size to plug into it.

To be safe, I'll refrain from posting FET questions in the quoted discussion for now as it's not clear to me how I can ask any questions without referring to something 'already in the wiki'.

Thank you.


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Re: Electromagnetic Acceleration Formula - Moderation Question
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2020, 11:48:56 PM »
It was not a “stop doing” and more of a “start doing” request.
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