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NEW MEMBER wants to know more! Answer me please.
« on: February 03, 2020, 07:04:54 AM »
Hey everyone. I joined this society after watching some interesting videos on Youtube, search flat earth and I got a bunch of interesting theories.   :)So now I got a few questions to ask so I can show my family they are wrong↓ ???
1. How to explain the sun rising from the east? My mom said that in the flat earth model you should see the sun getting closer and getting farther, you will never be able to watch the sunrise nor sunset. ANYONE, please explain this to me!!!
2. Will you be able to see the lunar eclipse in the flat earth model? I don't think the earth gets to have a shadow of itself.
3. How to explain the Tidal phenomenon? In this case, will I be able to see the moon in the daytime?
THANK U ALL and glad to join you guys:)))))


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“There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” - George Orwell