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If I were rich, I’d buy a big boat and try to investigate the icy edge of the flat earth, somewhere besides South to “Antarctica.”    Is this impossible?  Has it been done?  Why not?

Our government is telling us that Antarctica is a Continent but we believe it is the entire perimeter of the Earth.  Is there no place else a boat could head to see what is at the “Edge” in a different location? 

If this is a dumb question, tell me so and why and I’ll delete my login.  Many thanks.


Re: Has anyone explored the Earth’s edge, besides at “Antarctica”?
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I'd like to go past the Ice Wall. I have seen maps that make it look like there is another ring of ocean and other continents on the other side of the ice wall. After that a ring of rock that is a wall and beyond it an even bigger ring of ocean and more continents. Very fascinating. Would love to know what all is out there!


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