Not a troll, real questions
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I promise I'm not a troll. I'll be honest, the idea of the Earth being flat is insane to me. I'm not trying to make you prove it, like every other post does. I do have some questions though. These are honest questions, I would really like to get the Flat Earth opinion.

1) What is the Flat Earth stance on the creation of the universe?
2) Who/what constructed the dome?
3) Is it believed that Earth is the only flat celestial object? Are there others?
4) If the Earth is indeed the only flat celestial object, what is the consensus on why?
5) Regarding the "round Earth conspiracy", what would proponents of a round Earth stand to lose/gain if the "truth" came out?
6) Are there any testable mathematical models that favor a flat Earth over a round Earth?
7) If universal acceleration is correct, what does that mean for objects outside the "dome"? Does everything accelerate along with the flat Earth, or is it just us? Is there anything outside the dome?

To be fair, I very seriously doubt any response will change my mind. That's not what the purpose of this post is. I would honestly just like a better view of what flat earthers believe, I love arguing differences of opinions as long as it doesn't turn into name-calling and insults. I eagerly anticipate ya'lls replies.

Re: Not a troll, real questions
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I realize I probably posted this in the wrong spot. Sorry if I did.