International Space Station
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Credit to: reer for the question

As I understand it, according to FE all satellites are hoaxes perpetrated by NASA, other space organisations, governments, businesses like SpaceX and numerous scientists who rely on satellite observations for their work. Let's accept this as given.

In that case, what exactly am I seeing when I look up in the sky at night and see the International Space Station flying past?

Not only that, I can go to NASA's website and find out exactly when the ISS will be visible at my location. The same website also shows where the ISS is at any moment in time. Other websites like CalSky ( )show the location of the ISS with even more precision. This enables any photographer to set up a camera with a telelens and take a photo of the ISS as it flies across the face of the sun and the moon, for example

That photo of the ISS with the sun was obviously taken during the day, when the ISS is invisible to the naked eye and so the photographer had to rely entirely on NASA's predictions. These predictions in turn rely entirely on Newton's fake law of gravitation.

And it is not just the ISS that is visible. Other satellites can be seen too, just not as easily as the ISS. The first ones that were easily visible with the naked eye were the Echo communications satellites of 1960 and 1964. These were large (30 m diameter) metallised balloons, designed to reflect radio signals back to earth.

Why is it that no such celestial objects were seen before the fake space race started? Certainly the ancient Greeks and Chinese would have been aware of something as easily visible as the ISS. Why did they not mention it? Did it appear in the sky by magic around 2000? It cannot be mistaken for a star or planet as satellites travel much faster across the sky. And why do the photos taken by ground-based photographers show it looking remarkably like a man-made object? Of course, as FE often points out, photos can be faked. So these photographers must be among the millions of people who are secretly conspiring to make us believe in RE.

But then, what do I see when I look up into the sky? Perhaps the ISS and other satellites are just balloons at high altitude? In that case, please explain how any balloon can travel around the world (or fly a circle around the "central" north pole) every 90 minutes. Explain why it is so totally un-affected by variations in wind that NASA can tell us precisely where it is at every second. If they are neither balloons nor spacecraft, just what kind of new-fangled celestial object am I seeing?

To rephrase my questions:

1. What is the ISS?
2. What keeps it up there?
3. What gives NASA the ability to predict precisely where it is at all times?
4. Why did nothing like it appear in the sky before we started the satellite hoax?
5. Why do photographs of it show it looking the way NASA claims it has been built?
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Re: International Space Station
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Thanks for resurrecting my question, Cactus1549

Re: International Space Station
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Thanks for resurrecting my question, Cactus1549
Yea no prob! I saw it and I thought it was a good question. I'll credit you in the post :)


Re: International Space Station
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And it is not just the ISS that is visible. Other satellites can be seen too, just not as easily as the ISS.

I can vouch for that. Over an hour observing at night you will often see several satellites pass over at random times and in random directions.  During August evenings while looking out for Perseid meteors the section of the Milky Way that runs through Cygnus and across into Cassiopeia and Perseus itself is a veritable highway for satellites.

Then of course you see lots more through telescopes which are below naked eye visibility. Plus I have lost count of how many satellite trails I have recording while imaging. They can become quite a nuisance actually!

Re: International Space Station
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Hey ya'll. I don't know how much help this is, but this type of post doesn't really generate a lot of interest from the FEs here. I like to try to help, so let me do my best... so first, why no interest in this?
1) You're a newby poster
2) You're a RE poster
3) You're posting something that has been discussed at some length in the past.

So you do need to understand that while you're welcome to post here, this isn't a topic that is going to interest the FEs here. Put yourself in their shoes. Why would they want to talk about this?

Ok, so if this has been discussed at some length, what did they say? Here's the tl;dr: (WARNING: This is a summary made by a RE, so ... somebody is going to say this is unfair, but this is the best I got)
There is no unified FE point of view... lots of different answers
TFES is very different from what you encounter on YouTube and other places. On YouTube, you get, "satellites are fake." Not as much here.
Some folks here will tell you they believe that satellites are real, and they are kept aloft with super secret technology like this:
"All satellites use the Biefeld-Brown effect to orbit above the surface of the Earth."
Other folks suggest that once you get up high enough, the Universal Acceleration that causes flat Earth gravity will catch your satellite and keep it aloft.

I know, around this point you're thinking, "they can't be serious." Yeah. You and me both. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't, but they do say these things. /shrug

Re: International Space Station
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Even that it seems reasonable to ask questions like that in this forum, due the statement that the forum is open for everyone and opinion (see Manifesto #5, equivalency of all members), the "about us" on the first page states:

This is the home of the world-famous Flat Earth Society, a place for free thinkers and the intellectual exchange of ideas. This website hosts information and serves as an archive for Flat Earth Theory. It also offers an opportunity to discuss this with the Flat Earth community on our forums.

I understand the forum does not want to filter only FEs and blocking (ban) REs like you and me, it would paint a very harsh color on the doors, like extreme cults and religions do, so everyone is allowed.  But there is no rules to enforce answers to your questions.  I already have dozens of very good questions for FEs, never answered.   So, it is easy to just ignore REs and questions.

Imagine a forum with the name of "LINUX WORLD SOCIETY", that is open for everyone.  You, a long life Windows user, comes to that forum and start to question why they use Linux, in a world of 85%+ windows users and applications and programs.   Your question may be totally valid and of course deserve an answer to satisfy your curiosity.  But not a single Linux user wants to discuss the 85%+ market share for windows, they don't even want to be remembered about that.  They love Linux simple because they are addicted to it, they think they are superior computer wizard because they deal with something your grandma can't do it.  They say you can do anything you want under Linux, but that is not true, even so, they just believe on that and will keep saying it for their life. 

The point is, you may think the Linux World Society is the best place to go to question things, it should be full of Linux users, right?  But no, in their mind they are doing the right thing, no matter the 85%+ of the world. It will not be your question that will change that. They don't believe and no accept the idea of a corporation producing a paid software, their beliefs on open-software is similar to a cult.  Can you imagine a world where you strongly belief that wearing a red shirt means you are attracting evil?   But that is life, and people are free to do whatever they want, even you question FE 150+years book and lack of scientific evidences in this place.  It doesn't mean you will have your answer, wrong place. 

Can you imagine what would be the state of technology evolution (Intel processors) if all the computers in the world use open-source software without few high-octane corporation dealing strategies with hardware developers and multi-million dollars being flowing in the marketing game?

Can you imagine a world where everyone thinks FE? What would be the state-of-the-art technology development? Considering a very large percentage of it came from military defense pressure, including airspace?  Can you imagine a bunch of engineers and scientists dealing with hundreds of million of dollars technology instrumentation that never existed and was developed right for that project, based on a 150 years book of perspective and vanishing point?

Sorry friend, you are in the wrong place to ask about ISS, satellites, GPS.  They don't exist here.