Bipolar model questions
« on: May 30, 2019, 07:20:12 PM »
From what i can understand the bipolar model has been tossed aside and really isn't considered to be a possibility. i could be wrong though. however, i am creating a project on flat earth and would like to use this model as an argument, along with the Davis model, universal acceleration, the sun and moon cycle and the history of the theory of flat earth. 

so i understand that in the Bipolar model there is still an ice wall but it is outside of the suns heat, where the waters of the ocean would naturally freeze and that the sun has a yearly cycle in a figure eight pattern around the north and south poles.

my question is: Is there an explanation, in the bipolar model, for the daily rotation of the sun? because if it travels in a yearly figure eight pattern over the entire world, then wouldn't that mean that, for half the year, half the world would constantly day and the other half would be night? is this why this model is tossed aside? and is there a way magnetic fields connect to this? does this mean that the north and south poles have large magnetic fields that cause the sun to orbit them?