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Perth Australia to Cape town Africa.
« on: March 13, 2019, 06:37:14 PM »

Perth to Capetown flights.

Perth to Doha North east Africa,  that trip cover around 9,564 km and then around 8,850 km to Perth totaling 16,745 km (i used google earth ruler)

The distance from Perth to Capetown on a globe earth measure's 8,852km. (using google earth ruler)

700 km shorter but yet they don't fly that route. They go 7.300 km farther,

Then look at Perth , Doha and Capetown on a flat earth map and look and see the route.

Cathay Pacific does the same flight with one stop in Dohu from Johannesburg  . And they do another one with two stops. One in Dohu and the other in Hong kong.!

If you match that two stop flight on the flat earth map Hong Kong to Dohu to Johannesburg is a straight line.