20 questions for Flat Earthers
« on: February 15, 2019, 10:28:43 AM »
Here is a great video I came across this morning, promoted by Bob the Science Guy, that has nice neat summary of 20 questions that really ought to be answerable by flat earth theory.

I’d be interested to hear FErs thoughts. Particularly interesting is the flight from Sydney to Santiago (Qantas flight 27). How do FErs explain that? Have Qantas and absolutely everyone who has ever taken the flight flat out lied? My twin brother lives in Sydney; neither of us are into astronomy but I think it’s really cool that he sees the moon upside down (that is, it would appear to those of us in the U.K. to be upside down. For Aussies it’s the right way up and what we see is ‘their’ upside down!  ;D) as well as a completely different set of stars. 

With warmest good wishes