pictures from all space crafts
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i know this has been discussed before but if all these photos are fake and some other reasons but me being a photoeditor the amount of time to make a 8k photo of a round earth would take aprox 3 days and 8 hours if you are at my skill level. if u wanted to photo shop it would take 2 days. I think if someone took a photo of the earth and it was flat they would have told us by now they would not photo shop it. So the earth is round ok its sa fact it round not flat the horizon theory how water does fall off would if there a tsunami. dont move this to another forum ok it will show your scared.


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Re: pictures from all space crafts
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Please read the wiki
These are very desperate people - trying SO hard to maintain this one theory that they are prepared to shut their minds to the hundreds of crazy things they have to say to defend it.