Jonah the Scientist doxxing Flat Earthers
« on: January 06, 2019, 04:01:59 AM »
Hi guys. I'm here to let everyone know that a flat earth debunker who calls himself "Jonah the Scientist" is doxxing Flat Earthers. He actually has this on his website called

"We would appreciate your assistance in finding the true identity (real name and picture) of flat Earth posters, not already identified below.  If you have such information please email to us.  Thank you."

I have provided a screenshot of his "call to doxxing" on his website. This is very alarming. Who knows what he's trying to do with the information? I have also seen him on various forums asking for the private information of others (the screenshot I tried to attach of this went over the allowable limit). I attempted to report him for doxxing, but I don't know how or to whom.

Funnily enough, "Jonah the Scientist" has not published his real name and picture anywhere...wonder why.

Anyone know what to do? Has anyone here reported him before?

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Re: Jonah the Scientist doxxing Flat Earthers
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 07:48:58 PM »
I agree that doxxing flat earthers should never happen and privacy is important.

I think you came on very strong in your reply to him which may have been why he refused to continue the discussion though. I wonder if he didn't realise his own actions were contradictory, or if he simply and naively thought asking for others identities in his mind didn't mean doxxing but simply giving credentials to his topics and who he's speaking to or about. Or maybe he actually does realize what he's asking and his intentions are ill.

I guess the best course of action would be to raise awareness to anyone he intentionally or unintentionally doxxed so that they can ask him to take any information down should they so wish, which I suppose is what you're doing here. :) there's not much else you can do other than that, the individuals themselves would need to take action if they were doxxed.
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