NASA going to SUN
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Re: NASA going to SUN
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When I was in college I took a customer service class and it had a strange effect on me.  I started noticing bad customer service everywhere I went.  The kind of thing I had been oblivious to before.  FE has done a little of that for me here.

Quote from: the video from the link in the OP
Here's the technical triumph.  The space craft's thermal regulation system will use just a gallon of water to dissipate heat just like a car radiator

Before coming to this website, I wouldn't notice that, but now I catch things that sound ridiculous.  I am confident that there is a great explanation and model for the probes cooling system with an ordinary gallon of water, but you have to admit that it sounds crazy to say we have a new thermal dispersal system that will allow us to approach the Sun like never before.  It's water in a car radiator.  They invented it a hundred years ago, but we just figured out that we can use it for this too. Who knew?  It's a technical triumph!
There's nothing more dangerous than an idea, if it's the only one you have. -Émile Chartier


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Re: NASA going to SUN
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Hmm. Shame your attention faltered before you read any of the available information, much easier to go for the video link I suppose, so you missed the cutting edge carbon composite shield with ceramic paint, Tungsten chips, Molybdenum alloy faraday cup and niobium wires in sapphire crystal tubes, and the fact that the deionised water is pressurised so the boiling point is 125 C, and the reason they use this is that water is better at handling the range of temperatures than most chemical coolants.
So quite a few technical triumphs.
Just to be clear, you are all terrific, but everything you say is exactly what a moron would say.

Re: NASA going to SUN
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Correct diagnosis.  I definitely had faltering attention on Monday.
Today, with your guidance, I found a different article which described the temperature control systems as something very different than "just like a car radiator".
Many thanks.
There's nothing more dangerous than an idea, if it's the only one you have. -Émile Chartier