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Flat Earth Theory / Distance from Australia to Argentina dilemma
« on: January 07, 2019, 01:17:18 PM »
Here is the dilemma:
- Let's assume the diameter of a flat Earth is 40,000 kilometers, and this is the map which accurately represents it:
- This would make the distance between Australia and Argentina roughly 30,000 kilometers
- Direct flights from Australia to Argentina take roughly 16 hours, which would mean the airplane is traveling at almost 1900 km/h. How is this possible for an airliner?
- If the diameter of Earth is actually smaller, thus making a shorter flight possible at airliner speeds, then how come ground travel on shorter distances takes so long? For example, traveling between New Mexico and Kansas (via the 333 km. Tucumcari-Liberal highway) takes exactly 3 hours if you travel at 111 km/h. If the Earth were three times smaller, shouldn't that trip take 1 hour?

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