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Flat Earth Theory / What is and isn't proof
« on: November 13, 2017, 02:06:21 AM »
From what I have read over the last three hours the definition of proof very drastic from thread to thread and from person to person.

   -The claim that
The Sun's area of light is limited to a circular area of light upon the earth much like the light of a lighthouse is limited to a finite circular area around it. The rotating light on a lighthouse does not propagate infinitely into the distance. This means that only certain portions of the Earth are lightened at a time. It also describes how night and day arise on a Flat Earth. The apparent view of rising and setting are caused by perspective, just as a flock of birds overhead will descend into the horizon as they fly into the distance.
has very little evidence for it anywhere and yet FET thinks it is fact. I haven't found any evidence for this claim yet. Tom Bishop claims that any claim is his to prove and that without proof it can't be treated as a true statement. This same standard does not seem to be upheld by many of the FET.
   -My question is twofold, First what evidence is there for the FET that is also held to the same level of scrutiny and is proven by science(For science to work you must hold peer reviews even if you believe the same thing) and Second , Why does the RET have to prove basic knowledge as fact with many, many different forms of evidence from different sources but the supporters FET do not.

This is my first post to this form so feel free to leave tips that will help me convey my message, also if anyone would like me to a few of the claims and proofs the FET use as basic beliefes tha would be awsome because everything on the wiki is baseless and without any true documentation

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