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Flat Earth Investigations / What happened with the Space Shuttle Columbia.
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:03:48 PM »
I've searched through the forums and looked at a few references to the Space shuttle generally, but can't find any explanations so am interested in the FE ideas about the last Columbia flight.

As the general FE position is that orbital space flight is impossible and the ISS is actually CGI generated, I wondered if I could get a few answers to some of these points:-

1) The mission with 7 astronauts on board was launched and according to NASA and other sources entered orbit and carried out experiments for 16 days, where did the shuttle go after launch?
2) If the mission was faked, where was the shuttle and crew during those 16 days?
3) What was the cause of the burning debris flying through the upper atmosphere caught on camera and radar exactly where the shuttle should have been on re-entry?
4) Where did the debris scattered over 2000 square miles of Texas come from?
5) If the flight was faked, where did the pieces of bodies recovered on the ground come from that matched the DNA of the Astronauts?.
6) If the crew weren't killed during the flight, when and why were they killed?

I look forward to some reasoned answers.


Flat Earth Theory / I have a question about 2 photos I took today
« on: December 14, 2017, 12:38:03 AM »
Whilst driving home this evening at sunset, I took two photos 15 minutes apart. One was taken just after the sun went down and the other 15 minutes later. Both photos clearly show that the clouds are illuminated underneath by the sun which has set.

My questions is how could that happen if the sun is always 3000 miles above the surface of the earth and today the cloud base was no more than 2000ft?


Sailors have been putting to sea in boats and ships for thousands of years, but it was only in the 14-1500s that really long voyages started to become more common place as trade grew and countries looked to expand their territory. For centuries before that, inspite of some of the great early scientists making observations that suggested the world was spherical, most mariners and probably as a consequence most ordinary people believed the world was flat. It looked flat so why would they be interested in thinking anything else? They were more interested in finding enough to eat, paying their taxes and avoiding going to hell by obeying the church. Every so often, a ship would fail to return and word would spread that they had fallen off the edge of the world.

As time moved on, some of the work of ancient mathematicians and astronomers started to become useful to mariners and navigators as they were able to start using known positions of stars, the moon the sun and the times that these celestial bodies were predicted to be in certain positions. Using rudimentary instruments, the navigators were able to get a better idea of where they were heading, how far it was and were able to find places noted by other mariners. The navigation was subject to the unpredictability of weather, currents, and the difficulty of taking accurate sightings with primitive equipment, but was enough for those who had some knowledge in the matter to start making rudimentary maps of their expeditions for others to follow.

Another interesting development was that it was discovered pretty early on, when sailors started sailing well offshore, that by putting a lookout 50 ft up the mast, they could site land much earlier than they could from the deck. This led to the 'crows nest' which was the lookout position on all seagoing ships right up to the invention of radar. This was also backed up with placing land based beacons on the highest points of the coast as navigation aids, allowing mariners to see them at far greater distances than if they were at sea level. The revolution over a few hundred years in navigation at sea, was largely responsible for the change in opinion from the earth being flat to being spherical. The physical observations of mariners was backing up the findings of the mathematicians and astronomers.

Of course there were always occasional false readings caused by temperature inversions and weather conditions reflecting images from further away as in a mirage in the desert. But as understanding of these improved together with a steady development of the equipment, navigation equally became more accurate. I would add that as an offshore sailor for many years, I have frequently navigated accurately to distant shores and also observed the difference that height makes to observations at sea.

I seriously doubt that there are any offshore sailors that are flat earth believers, but would be interested to hear the views of FEs on my comments.


Flat Earth Community / The Need To Believe In A Flat Earth
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:40:49 PM »
I joined this forum very recently as I find the opinions and the information they are based on to be fascinating.

What I would really like to know though is why anybody has a need to believe the world is flat? For that matter why it needs to be believed as any shape at all, whether that is circular, square, spheroid, doughnut shaped or any other shape. For me, the requirement to know in the modern world, is because I need to travel both for recreation and business to various parts of the country and world. The destinations could be great distances or comparatively short ones, by air, on the sea or in a vehicle. To do all this, I need to be able to have access to accurate daily time and the time taken to accomplish different journeys. When I am navigating my boat, I need to use accurate maps and charts in conjunction with instrumentation that enables me to take bearings and know my location at all times. I am also a glider pilot and rely on my knowledge of navigation and meteorology to reach destinations or fly a plotted course. Although GPS is a useful aid in all this, I also need to be able to navigate in the event of power failures. Over the last couple of thousand years and particularly the last couple of centuries, the means have been developed to enable myself and others to be able to achieve this. All of the research and development to this end has appeared to have reached the conclusion that the earth is a globe and all of the maps and navigation equipment that I use are based on this theory.

I would love to hear rational and reasoned debate as to why all the above works fine in my personal experience within the concept of a global planet, but why it doesn't in anyway suggest that the maps and charts are incorrect. If that is the case, then why is there any need to believe that the world is flat when none of the available data backs it up. Also and perhaps more importantly, what does it matter and why is there nobody here that seems to be able to offer scientifically rigorous and demonstrable data that stands up to scrutiny to reinforce their beliefs.

Personally I couldn't care less what shape the planet is providing the data that I use is relevant to the tasks I want to perform. I would love to hear from professional pilots, navigators and global travellers who are flat earth (or any other shape) believers and can relate real world experiences that verifiably support their beliefs.

Thank you  :)


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