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Hey, all!  :) My name is Ray and I love VR, bowling & science. I'm currently working on a Virtual Reality project that lets people fly around the Earth in its full glory... I think it would be awesome to give people a more visceral experience of what it's like to see our world from up there but I also want to make it as realist as possible.

I spent a few days working on this 3D model of the Earth and I think it's a good start. I'd love to get your feedback on how I could make this better. (Sorry about the bad camera, I lost my right hand recently and I'm still getting used to my left..  :-[

Additionally, does anyone here have good references of accurate star maps I can use? I want to start working on the sky but I'm having a hard time finding resources in the forums... even better if it's a high-resolution image!  :-B

Thanks so much guys and please be nice, this is my first VR project and I'm only 17.

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