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Flat Earth Theory / Antartica Flights
« on: September 12, 2019, 06:40:55 PM »
Hello guys, I would like to know the Flat Earthers opinion about the Antartica sighseeing flights. If you dont know about these flights I leave you a trip report of one of this flights.

Flat Earth Theory / Debate
« on: September 11, 2019, 01:47:34 AM »
Hello guys, my mother tongue is not english but I will try to explain myself. Firstable I just want to make clear that my thread is with all due respect and I hope to have the opportunity to debate  in a very respectful way with you and share ideas.

I am an airline pilot  and a few years ago a passenger, while disembarking, asked for permission to enter the cockpit. He told me that he belived that the Earth was flat and asked me why airplanes don’t go to outer space while flying if the Earth is curved. I didnt understand his question at first and I tought he was joking (altought he looked very kind and serious) but I explained how airplanes maintain altitude and how a barometer works. This guy made me curious about the Flath Earth movement and since then I have watched a lot of videos on Youtube and read some forums online.

What I have learned is that many of this Flat Earth videos are manipulated and show incomplete or false information.  Many Flat Earth arguments are easily discarded with information available on internet.

After all, I still don’t get what the purpuse of hidding that the Earth is flat is. Are you aware of the amount of people that should be involved in this conspiracy? Do you belive that after hundreds of years and thousands of people involve this “secret” could remain secret?

I would like to propose to debate some arguments in this thread. I would like to start with this. How do you explain that when the sun or the moon rise or set they sometimes look bigger than when they are higher in the sky? This is very easily explained in a round Earth.

Thank you guys.

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