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Flat Earth Community / REs netiquette
« on: June 06, 2019, 08:10:43 PM »
Motivated by my previous observation that in this forum there isn't much FE2FE discussion, I wonder if REs shouldn't look for some rules to follow, in order to allow FEs to reach at least a certain amount of freedom here. Moreover, it would help the quality of the debate, which often amounts to a yes vs no fight.

Advantages for REs
- They could concentrate better on what arguments actually can make it
- Less redundancy in arguments
- Hopefully get to see more FEs around
- More sharing of previous experiences

Disadvantages for REs
- it's unpleasant to be told what to do
- feeling that "Science" must bow and be sacrificed

I have some rules in mind, but I largely prefer to hear others REs proposals :)

Flat Earth Theory / Crisp clear horizon line
« on: May 09, 2019, 05:24:41 PM »
I will keep this topic really simple. I wonder if FET does not find odd that, in general, the horizon line appears
so crisp clear, even at the level of the sea. Somehow that's not the view I'd expect in an atmosphere full of moisture that slowly blocks my view of the very far ( I think in FE I should always see a slowly fading, confused, horizon.

As a note for fellow GEs, delving into FE gave me this insight I never had. Now I really "sense" as obvious the frontal curvature of the sea and the "top" of the curving water in front ot me. The clouds in the far distance really looks diving down and disappearing in curvature. For this, thank you FE :)

I honestly have this (non-scientific) problem that I do not know how to discern "false fes" from "true fes". I have this feeling that an alleged fe could, at any moment and paying no price, reveal himself as someone who was just pretending for other purposes: attention-seekers, marketers, trolls, etc.

Don't get me wrong, the same holds for round earthers. But at least, round earthers all do believe in a single model,  they all conform to all authorities, and each of them proposes a variety of reasons to believe in a round earth. If they lie, they all tell the very same lie, and I can be sure they don't have a second purpose. At worse they're just gullible fellows believing the biggest lie ever.

This isn't true for fes. Each fe has a different story,  different authorities and they seem united only by their denial of a globe earth. If some of them are lying, they say a different lie from others. So someone may falsely push for an ancient belief of a dome, and someone else may falsely push for an infinite plane. In both cases, I feel I cannot in any way understand if they believe in what they're saying or not, since questions like "what did you experiment?", "what exactly is your model?", or "how do you explain xyx?" mainly go unanswered and usually they make those questions look like deceitful. Moreover, many of them try to monetize fe, without feeling the urge to unite with other fes, and this really does not help.

Any thought, approach, tip, or trick will be appreciated :)

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