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Flat Earth Theory / Neutrinos
« on: May 17, 2018, 09:26:02 AM »
Yesterday I joined a very nice colloquiums talk about new results and methods about the detection of high energy neutrinos. That motivated me to asked for the flat-earth believers opinion about neutrinos. Especially the question, how could it be that we can observe neutrinos approaching the detectors from below, through the earth. In the framework of the standard model this is no question, cause the cross section of neutrinos with the earth is extremely low and therefor they can easily travel through the earth. But if the earth is flat and neutrinos are known for traveling in really straight lines, how can they approach the detector from below, if they originate in the sun, other stars, super novas, etc... and all this is always above a flat earth?

If anyone is not so familiar with neutrinos, here is a nice, quite recent publication about neutrinos traveling through the earth:

It's data taken with the IceCube detector which is located next to the south pole (ups!). If you ask for proof or validity of the conclusions, all original data are linked at the end of that article, so everyone invited to analyse them by himself. 

If you think IceCube is fake, here is the link to the application form for visiting IceCube:

Go there, and check out yourself what's going on there.

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