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Flat Earth Theory / Re: Using airline flight data.
« on: September 07, 2017, 09:46:36 PM »
Why do I need to show you a map of the earth? What is wrong with the exact continental dimensions and distances being unknown?

Navigation, governance and commerce all break down if we don't actually know how far things are from each other.  It may seem trivial until you realize that international commerce relies on knowing exactly how far raw materials and finished goods have to travel before you purchase them on Amazon or at Walmart or whatever other physical/online store you use.  Your basic internet access only works because some poor schmuck dragged a specific length of fiber optic cable across the ocean to connect the land masses.  How else did you think that you could mildly irritate people in every time zone simultaneously?

In a modern world ruled by profit margin, knowing exact costs is king.

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All that is known is how long the transportation takes. In Round Earth coordinate devices the distance is computed based on Round Earth coordinate geometry.
Well it seems I'm a few days late to this discussion, but wow this is fascinating! Up until today I honestly didn't realize some people still believe in a flat earth.

This particular thread fascinated me because my background is in avionics, and I'm also a pilot. So to me this whole flight time calculation exercise is a little silly, as it disregards how airspace systems work, how different navigation systems integrate in-flight to calculate flight times, air density... airspeed vs groundspeed etc..... and the speedometer vs gps thing was also interesting, ummm that one is quite easy to explain, if you've ever gotten out of a speeding ticket by getting your speedometer replaced you know what I mean 😉

So really I see flight times as a horrible way to prove or disprove um the shape of our planet.  Just curious, why so adamant about the shape of our planet being flat? Im honestly just a really curious person, which is why i sometimes end up in random corners of the internet, such as this, im not trying to disprove your theories, even though i recognize your argument to be faulty in this particular case.

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