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 ;D ;D Very very interesting, good job! thanks for simulation :) what I would have to say is that I am surprised that it was so bright and it seemed that it was closer than the moon of us and the distance between the moon and Jupiter in our photo appears much larger.
but I guess it will be normal due to the movement of the planets  :P

I don't know if this data is interesting the sunset here was at 20:05 UTC / GMT +1. The picture was taken at 23:07. The location would be in Cadiz Spain. It's too late here and I fall asleep. Thanks.. See you soon

thank TheScientist you but here in this case the star or planet was to the left of the moon not to the right..  :-\  8)

Thanks guys for the replies, ChrisTP it was an object bright enough not to be a satellite, I've seen many stars at night and I don't think it was that and too big to be able to see it with my eyes.  ::)
TheScientist  the star was far enough from the moon more than the diameter, and I think that to be a occulation it should be closer.

 :-B Hi guys! What do you think?

Today we were watching the moon at night, and it caught our attention that a star that was close to the moon, seemed to be closer than the moon of us, that star fell with time about half an hour and disappeared. Any theory about that? I have some fotos but i can't upload because max. 192KB..

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