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Navigation using celestial bodies
« on: April 13, 2018, 03:20:31 AM »
Ok another crack at trying to get to the bottom of this flat earth thing.

For the last 30+ years i have been navigating the oceans for over half of the year. I would say i am relatively experienced, and may know a bit about it. I recon i have spent a good 18 years solid (when my vacation months are subtracted from my years at sea) performing navigation day in day out.

I have taken literally thousands of sights of stars, sun, moon etc, and used those to calculate the position of my ship on a globe earth. I have made calculation errors, errors of transposition, but not errors of principle, (apart from when I was training). I believe I have a wealth of Empirical evidence,  observable, and verifiable experiences, all of which should be trump cards to a Zetetic.

Rather than writing it all down, there is a relatively basic description of it here;

Please can anyone explain where i am going wrong? With actual evidence? Other than EnaG proves it wrong! As even in that document there is a heavy reliance on geographic positions being “verified by accurate astronomical observations”
How are they verified if all of the calculations are based on SPHERICAL trigonometry?

I dont expect everyone to understand what is written in the link, but believe me, it is copied in literally thousands of text books, taught to millions of people, and there are countless millions, if not billions, of people who have used them and found that the method works. It will not work for a FE.

Please enlighten me, and i will revolutionise navigation, and sing the praises of the TFES until the day i die (a rich man)

Also, if you haven't heard of bronies before, that reflects poorly on your understanding of the world that surrounds you. It's practically impossible not to know about them.