Re: Southern Sky. Need explanations
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You are the FE advocate. You are coming here in desire of answers, explanations, research.
That is not what advocate means.

It is not my fault if you refuse to contribute. I'm putting in my 2%.

Are you? All you're really doing is coming here every day and saying "well, Rowbotham said...".
You are doing nothing to make a coherent FE model or investigate Rowbotham's claims.
The horizon dip thing has been conclusively shown in about 5 different ways. That should change your model and move you towards either a more coherent model which matches observations or the realisation that no such model is possible. All you're doing is dismissing the experiments, nit-picking to find any possible problem in a way you don't do with Rowbotham's experiments which you just blindly accept. You are doing precisely nothing to test this yourself despite proclaiming the importance of empiricism.

To follow on from Westprog's post, the thing I've never understood with you guys is how you came to believe that the "cheese was in the fridge".
And once you came to that belief why is there no prospect of you changing that opinion? You changed it once so there has to be potential for it to change again.
The way human progress has been made has not been by one dude writing a book and everyone else going "sounds about right" and no further questions.
When Einstein came along he smashed hundreds of years of Newtonian physics, his model came to be accepted because it explained observations and made predictions which were later verified experimentally. Rowbotham's book potentially smashed thousands of years of scientific thinking, it hasn't become accepted because it demonstrably doesn't match observations - horizon dip is just one example. Coming back to the topic at hand, the southern sky is another example.
If you are making your claim without evidence then we can discard it without evidence.

Nearly all flat earthers agree the earth is not a globe.