Flat Earth Calendar
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I am going to construct a calendar so as we know what happened and when. Hopefully it might have applications such as use on social media or for press releases. At the minimum its info that adds to the sum total of our content. I kind of want to do an 'On this day ... '

I'll add dates below.

Please feel free to make a post each and just keep adding to your post with any cool dates you find. I'll add them all in when I work out how we are going to mount them.
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Re: Flat Earth Calendar
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Death of Samuel Rowbotham - 23rd December 1884.

Birth of Wilbur Voliva - March 10, 1870
Death of Wilbur voliva -  October 11, 1942

On July 25, 1896, Ulysses Grant Morrow, a newspaper editor, conducted a similar experiment to Bedford Level on the Old Illinois Drainage Canal, Summit, Illinois.

On 11 May 1904 Lady Elizabeth Anne Blount performed the Bedford Level experiment.

Thomas Dolby (born Thomas Morgan Robertson; 14 October 1958)

Thomas Dolby releases album "The Flat Earth" on 28th February 1984.

Charles K. Johnson died on March 19, 2001.

1876 Jan 17 - Hampden vs Walsh, court rules in favour of the flat earther over a Bedford Level wager.

Oct 1 1931 - In October edition of Modern Mechanix, Voliva offers $5000 to anyone who can prove earth is a globe. No one was able to claim the reward.

July 1st 1901 - John Alexander Dowie founds the city of Zion in Illionois, as a flat earth commune.,_Illinois

[Rowbotham, Samuel B.] Zetetic astronomy. A description of several experiments which prove that the surface of the sea is a perfect plane, and that the earth is not a globe. Being the substance of a paper read before the Royal Astronomical Society on the evening of Dec. 8, 1848. By ‘Parallax' [pseud.]
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