Hi I'm new lol, I've a question:
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Hi guys I'm new lol. Are we allowed to post Flat-Earth related music and artists that support the Flat Earth Movement here? Thanks :)
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Re: Hi I'm new lol, I've a question:
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You could start a thread in the arts and entertainment section.
I am interested in this subject myself, not so much flat earth artists, but how ordinary artists place clues in their vids of the conspiracy including all the Masonic symbolism which they heap on us in their music clips.
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Re: Hi I'm new lol, I've a question:
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Dither, the most remarkable is BoB.

I think most of these artists are creating and empowering mockery of not only flat earth movement but awakening-to-lies movement.
TheWorldisFlatrThanMyBeer, i hope you get success in your beginings.
As you will notice, there are some extremely vile, insulting and disruptive individuals on the forums. It's not just their words, it's the repulsive toxic energy they emit, and their tangible vicious burning hatred for the truth. Everyone just a bit intuitive can sense that. Let's be clear about the obvious, they are not human.
And they get so panicked and aggressive over some topics, because they see their food source threatened.