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The acceleration and deceleration in the heliocentric model happen within a single elliptical orbit.  The flat earth model has deceleration happening over multiple orbits as the sun nears the center and and then reverses to acceleration over multiple orbits as the sun moves out.  The motion and the acceleration in that regard are contrary to any principles presently stated within orbital mechanics. For your model to be believable,  TFES will need to develop and propose a new orbital mechanic.   

Or maybe, the theory of orbital mechanics that you hold as gospel is exactly what it is, a theory. There is no scientific evidence of gravity induced orbiting of anything, anywhere.

You start with assumption that the present day explanation for movements of celestial bodies isn't up for debate. You also start with the assumption that the mechanics and theories used to prop up a round heliocentric model of our solar system, can somehow be re-retrofitted to explain phenomena as experienced by an observer on a flat, stationary Earth.
A theory can never be anything but a theory, no matter how many times it gets confirmed with observations (fact). Get the scientific principles straight.
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