Re: Why can't we ALWAYS see the sun?
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If you so-called "flat earther believers"  want to play your little fantasy game about a so-called flat earth , that's fine with this re. However, since some of us  have had work, experience, education or other means of knowing that the  earth is a globe, we are going to have to regard your ideas about a so-called flat  earth as pure nonsense and downright the utmost in silly-ness.

However, please don't stop. This website provides too much cheap entertainment to  read what you are going to come up with next.

I can see why someone in a job that does not require at least a basic understanding of the size and shape of the world might think the earth was flat.

And I also think it's not fair for re's to call fe's an ignorant lot just because they haven't had the advantages that some of we re's have had .

For example, I have had some experience in  amateur radio,  but I don't consider those who don't have a  license from the FCC as ignorant. They are a lot smarter in a lot of other subjects than I am.  Same goes for re's and fe's in other areas.

End of soapbox. LOL

However, I just wanted to apologize for making fun of you so-called "flat earth believers" , but like a lot of re's , I'll probably keep on doing it anyway.

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Re: Why can't we ALWAYS see the sun?
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So why does the luminescent shape of the moon change and happen to coincide with the location of the sun in the round earth model?
Stop asking nonsense questions. 
The changes of the moon's shape do NOT coincide with the location of the sun in the round earth model. Unless you are trapped in a cell all day long, you should be able to see that any time you look up. 

You shills talk too much.  Nice to see you admitting the round earth MODEL is just a model.
I looked up the other night and the moon had only the upper side illuminated. This would be true on a flat earth if the sun were higher than the moon, but earlier in the year, the lower side was illuminated, therefore the sun must have been lower than the moon.
Unless, the light cast onto the moon actually coincided with the round earth Model...

Also, if the moon and sun was circling the flat earth why doesn't the amount of moon that is illuminated change throughout the night? Certainly, according to the flat earth MODEL, if the sun and Moon rotate according to the various videos posted by flat earth Gurus abiding by the scripture according to YouTube as well as the almighty wiki, the amount of light reflected from the moon should change throughout the night?

All of the above is directly relevant to the shape of the earth, but if you cannot live the lie you try and articulate don't bother trying to give a decent answer.

Your move?!?