Don't miss your opportunity to convert a skeptic! Answers to these questions below are the minimum I require to cast off my thorough brainwashing.

If the sun is a spotlight, why doesn't isn't it elliptical at sunrise/sunset? Why does it even set if the earth isn't round?
If the moon and sun appear at irregular orbits around the planet, why do they never run into each other?
If the moon and sun are the same size, what is the eclipse?
If the moon is also a spotlight, why does the sun shine on it, and why does it eclipse the sun?
If the earth is accelerating at 9.8 m/s/s, then how is it that we have not accelerated faster than the speed of light in a year, much less the life of the planet?
If you are conceding gravity exists, then why doesn't the gravity of the sun and moon interfere with each other?
Furthermore, why doesn't the gravity of the sun and moon interfere with the perfectly perpendicular balance of the earth to its path of acceleration?
If the balance of the earth is somehow perfectly perpendicular to the path of its acceleration, how do you explain the inconsistency of acceleration on the face of the earth?
How high is the sun/moon from the earth's surface? Because it shouldn't be possible to ever /not/ see the sun/moon at any time of day if you are arguing that one can see the Rocky Mountains from Willis Tower, or the Golden Gate Bridge from the top of the Space Needle, or Chicago from the opposite shore of Lake Michigan.
Why can't I point a laser at Chicago over Lake Michigan from the Upper Peninsula?
Why is it that all of the photos of the Chicago skyline from Michigan show the shorter buildings below the horizon? If I can see the tops of the buildings, why can't I see the ground?
Why can't I see the wall of Antartica from the southern tip of South America?
Why isn't there incidental lighting coming from the sun-spotlight at all times of the night?
Why doesn't the light from the sun cause the sky to be blue in sections I can see at night?
Why does the military account for the Earth's rotation in their equations on long-distance sniper targeting? Are they in on the conspiracy, too? Why would they lie in such a way so as to cause their snipers to be less effective? Are all of the snipers in on it, too?
Why does the Navy tell their sailors the reason they can't see an enemy ship is that it is below the horizon? Does that mean the entire Navy is in on the conspiracy as well? Why wasn't I told to lie in bootcamp, then? Is everyone who ever sailed on a vessel /also/ in on the conspiracy?
Is everyone with a telescope or really good photography equipment also in on the conspiracy?
Why would Australians and New Zealanders lie to me about how long it took get to Rimpac every two years?
Why can't I see the same stars from the north of the US as I can from closer to the equator?
Was every sailor from pre-GPS times also in on the conspiracy since they used stars to navigate the globe?
Was the rebellion on Magellan's circumnavigation really about taking the long way around just to pretend the earth is round?
Why didn't it take Magellan's ships far longer to circumnavigate the globe?
How has the scientific community managed to silence and/or fabricate hundreds of years of naval historical records?
Why couldn't we receive radio signals directly from Australia?
Why doesn't it take longer to travel from New Zealand to Australia by boat?
Why aren't people in Australia reporting that it takes far less time to travel from the north coast to south, or far longer from east to west, than it should according to the round-earth map? Are all the populations south of the equator also in on the conspiracy?

Your FAQ states that your observations are empirical evidence of a flat earth, and that, therefore, the onus is on the science community to provide evidence, not flat-earthers. However, all of the questions above are questions of observation. So wouldn't these questions not /also/ require explanation?

Please help a normie understand.


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Maybe someone will come along to respond to this wall of text, but you can't possibly really expect anyone to read it.
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Yeah, sorry, this is not how Web fora work.

Read the FAQ before asking your question - chances are we've already addressed it.
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